Australia Attestation

Australia Certificate Attestation

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You will require their Attestation if you intend to use your Australian documents in the UAE. A document issued in one nation must go through this process to be valid for use in another.

Documents required for Australia Document Attestation are:

  • Original Documents
  • Passport Copy

Procedure for Australia Document Attestation for UAE:

  • Verification from the university
  • Notarization of certificate
  • Attestation from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Attestation from the UAE embassy in Australia
  • Attestation from MOFA, UAE

The reasons for Australia Document Attestation for UAE are as follows:

  • To obtain a resident permit
  • To obtain a work permit
  • To acquire a family permit
  • To start a business Overseas
  • Career or Job Change
  • For higher education abroad
Procedure for Australia Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Australia Certificate Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining document verification from a specific government agency may be your first move. The organization that provided the educational certificate attestation must confirm the qualification's legitimacy. Some colleges demand that owners of the documents conduct their Verification.

Any document must first be certified by an active Australian Notary Public before the Australian government for legalization. The Notary will verify the validity of the papers submitted to them at this point. After that, they will affix a notarial cover sheet with their official seal to certified copies of the original documents.

The UAE embassy in Barton, a neighbourhood of Canberra, ACT, must certify the document before its use in Australia. At this point, a DFAT is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The UAE government's official sticker and seal are attached to the papers with permission. The UAE authorities can see from this sticker that the document has completed all the necessary steps in Australia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the extra attestation seal needed in the UAE in the relevant UAE emirate. This stamp's existence attests to the strict adherence to Australian protocol.

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