Singapore Attestation

Singapore Certificate Attestation

Singapore is a city-state and an island country in maritime Southeast Asia, also called the Republic of Singapore. Singapore is well-known for its world-class city airport, which features a waterfall, for being one of the most populous nations in the world, for being a financial centre, and for having a Botanic Garden, a World Heritage Site.

Singapore's strategic location, which made it a perfect centre for international trade and commerce, was one of the main contributors to its economic miracle. The main exports of the nation are electronics, chemicals, and services.

A Singapore-issued document must be attested before being used in the UAE. Any document originating from Singapore, whether business-related, educational , or non-educational.

The documents needed for Singapore Attestation are:

  • Original Documents
  • A Passport copy

Types of Documents required for Singapore document attestation are:

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational Documents or Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

The reasons for Singapore Document Attestation are:

  • A family permit
  • Work Permit
  • Students permit
  • To start a business abroad.

The procedure followed for Singapore document attestation are

  • Notaries certification
  • Verification by the Singapore Academy of Law
  • Verification by the MOFA
  • Legalization by the UAE Embassy in Singapore
  • Legalization from MOFA in UAE.
Procedure for Singapore Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Singapore Certificate Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A preliminary certification stage is required for the majority of Singaporean documents. A Notary Public typically performs this process by creating a certified and notarized copy of the original record, with the notarized copy serving as the base document for the attestation. Other government departments might require to verification of certain other documents.

The Singapore Academy of Law offers authentication services for public notaries appointed by the Singapore Academy of Law Rules to serve in Singapore.

Before being given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most documents must be approved by the Deputy Director at the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The legitimacy of the seal on documents issued by the government or the signature of the person who certified the record is examined at this stage. The SAL will finish by adding a red certification seal on the paper.

The UAE Embassy in Singapore must stamp the document, a process called attestation before it can be used. The record is now sealed and given an official sticker from the UAE government. It proves to the UAE authorities that the document has undergone all the necessary phases in Singapore.

Once the document has arrived in the UAE, it needs to receive a second attestation stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm that Singapore handled your paperwork appropriately. Once this stamp has been placed, you can use the document in the UAE if it does not need a final Arabic translation.

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