Ethiopia Embassy Attestation

Ethiopia Embassy Attestation

Ethiopia is in the tropics, has the same east-west and north-south proportions, and is relatively small—the Horn of Africa's largest and most populous nation in Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia's highly traditional and conservative society, residents are typically kind, courteous, and inviting to visitors.

It is a crucial step in the verification procedure that will confirm both your documents' integrity and identification. It can take a very long time to certify academic qualifications from Ethiopia. So, having your documents validated by experts is advantageous.

The people that offer legalisation services are skilled in what they do and aware of the intricacies of the process. Nonetheless, there are few trustworthy Attestation from Ethiopia embassy services.

The categories listed below pertain to documents:

  • Educational Documents : A vital record used to signify educational qualification of a person.
  • Non-Educational Documents : It is an essential type of document used to certify certain valid fact.
  • Commercial Documents : These kind of documents is issued to prove some financial information like to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc.

Educational Documents:

The process of legalisation in Ethiopia requires the Attestation of academic documents. You must offer verifiable proof of your student or work permit eligibility.

Academic credentials such as diplomas, certificates, matriculation results, mark sheets, and school reports will have the Ethiopian Embassy vouch for their validity.

The Attestation from Ethiopia embassy in UAE must verify the home country's educational credentials, and the nations who issued the certificates must also give diplomatic Attestation.

Non Educational Documents :

The Ethiopian Embassy must validate all birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, medical documents, and PCC for Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government can confirm your identity and the validity of your documents through this process. All around Ethiopia, personal documents bearing the ministry's attestation mark are acknowledged, validated, and accepted.

Commercial Documents:

Obtaining the Commercial Certificate Attestation from the Ethiopia Embassy is necessary whether you wish to start a business in Ethiopia or consider exporting your products.

A crucial phase in the legalisation process in Ethiopia is the Attestation of commercial and export documents such as invoices, incorporations, registrations, certificates of origin, and packing lists.

The certification of the Ethiopian Embassy would be beneficial for several commercial documents about your export or international business.

Documents needed for Attestation are:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

Certificate Attestation Procedure are as follows:

  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Ethiopia
  • UAE Embassy from Ethiopia
  • MOFA from UAE


The term MOFA is a reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the executive body in charge of a country's foreign policy, the minister of foreign affairs is an essential component that manages certificate attestation. Any nation demands a university degree, a resident permit, and permission to work there.

UAE Embassy

The UAE embassy attests to the validity of the documents. The legitimacy of the documents is certified and confirmed by the UAE embassy. The UAE embassy must approve a work permit, student permit, higher education degree, and other paperwork.

The UAE government requires proof of your document's legality. Before ordering the Attestation from the UAE embassy, you must obtain it from the ministry of external affairs.

If you require assistance with Document Attestation at any phase, our passionate and committed staff will be available. We ensure you can quickly obtain all the information about the process.

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