Sri Lanka Certificate Attestation

Sri Lanka Certificate Attestation

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia formerly known as Ceylon and officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. There are many different languages, cultures, and nations there.

Sri Lanka is renowned for having a vibrant Buddhist culture in addition to other religions. Sri Lanka, a highly religious nation, is home to numerous locations with historical and religious significance that draw travelers worldwide.

For those living outside of the UAE, strict norms and regulations are required. The most crucial step to ensuring your identification report is accurate is attesting all your documents. If you wish to work or grow your business in the UAE, you must get your Sri Lankan documents attested.

By validating your documentation, the UAE embassy in Sri Lanka also plays a crucial part in completing your attestation to continue sending it for MOFA certification.

Different types of Documents for Sri Lanka Attestation:

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents

Educational Documents

Attesting Educational documents is a step in Sri Lanka's legalization process. For use in the United Arab Emirates, all academic credentials, including degrees, diplomas, and SSLC certifications, must be attested.

Non-educational Documents or Personal Documents

The Sri Lankan Embassy must authenticate non-educational documents like birth, marriage, experience, and divorce records before being used in UAE.

Commercial Documents

The Commercial Certificate Attestation must be obtained from the Sri Lankan Embassy if you intend to start a business or are considering exporting your goods abroad.

Commercial certificates frequently comprise a variety of business documents, such as powers of attorney, incorporation certificates, trade licenses, invoices, and certificates of registration.

Documents needed for Sri Lanka Attestation are:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

Certificate Attestation Procedures for Sri Lanka are as follows:

  • Attestation at MOFA, Sri Lanka
  • Attestation at UAE embassy in Sri Lanka
  • Attestation from MOFA in UAE


MOFA attestation is required for some documents, such as marriage certificates, degrees, and diplomas, to be recognized and genuine within the country. MOFA is the government agency managing a country's foreign relations.

This process comprises verifying the document's validity and ensuring that it complies with UAE legal rules.

UAE Embassy

The UAE Embassy encourages cross-cultural exchange, political and economic collaboration, trade and investment development, and consular services for passports, permits, and other documents. It enables access to the UAE using the innovative e-border system.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated staff will be there for you at every step if you require any assistance with Document Attestation. We ensure you can readily find out everything there is to know about the procedure.

Due to our extensive experience working with foreign clients worldwide, we can deliver precise, practical, and legal services in this industry.

Procedure for Sri Lanka Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Sri Lanka Certificate Attestation

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