Iraq Embassy Attestation

Iraq Embassy Attestation

Iraq is a well-known nation where foreigners can live, work, and transact business. If you intend to travel to Iraq, you must get your documents attested. It plays a crucial role in the authentication process, which verifies your identity and the validity of your records.

  • Educational Certificate : A vital record used to signify educational qualification of a person.
  • Non-Educational Certificate : It is an essential type of document used to certify certain valid fact.
  • Commercial Documents : These kind of documents is issued to prove some financial information like to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc.

In Iraq, verifying academic credentials can take a lengthy time. Legalization service providers have years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the procedure. Yet, there are few reliable Iraq attestation services. Finding a more suitable location for your Attestation will be beneficial.

Obtaining an Attestation from Iraq embassy stamp from the Iraq Embassy or consulate is legal, proving the document is verified. The Iraq Embassy Attestation is a certification of documents needed to conduct business in Iraq or apply for a permit.

Some general purposes of Iraq Embassy Attestation:

  • To pursue university studies overseas.
  • To look for work.
  • When on a family vacation.
  • To secure a resident permit.
  • To relocate.
  • To begin an international business enterprise.
  • To do trading.

Educational Certificate:

In Iraq, the evaluation of academic credentials is a part of the legalization process. You must provide verified documentation supporting your student or work permit eligibility.

The IraqEmbassy will attest to the legitimacy of academic credentials such as diplomas, certificates, matriculation results, mark sheets, and school reports.

The Attestation from Iraq embassy in UAE must verify the educational credential provided by the home country, and the issuing countries must also provide diplomatic Attestation.

Non Educational Certificate :

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, medical records, and PCC must all be validated for Iraq by the Iraq Embassy.

By this procedure, Iraq authorities can verify your identity and the legitimacy of your documents. Personal documents with the ministry's attestation mark are recognized, confirmed, and accepted throughout Iraq.

Commercial Certificate :

Whether you want to start a business in Iraq or think about exporting your goods, you must get the Commercial Certificate Attestation from the Iraq Embassy.

The Attestation of commercial and export documents, such as invoices, incorporations, registrations, certificates of origin, and packing lists, is a critical step in the legalization process in Iraq.

The Iraq Embassy's certification would be helpful for several commercial documents related to your export or global business.

Certificate Attestation Procedure are as follows:

  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Iraq
  • UAE Embassy from Iraq
  • MOFA from UAE


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also called MOFA. It is one of the crucial elements that handle certificate attestation by the minister of foreign affairs, the executive entity in charge of a nation's foreign policy.

Any country requires a degree, a permit for residence, and authorization to work there.

UAE Embassy

The UAE embassy certifies that the documents are genuine. The UAE embassy attests to and affirms the documents' legality. The UAE embassy must approve a work permit, student permit, higher education degree, and other documents.

Our dedicated and passionate staff will be there for you at every step if you need any assistance with Document Attestation. We ensure that all the process-related details are readily accessible to you.

Because of our extensive experience working with foreign clients worldwide, we can offer accurate, functional, and legal services in this field.

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