Japan Certificate Attestation

Japan Certificate Attestation

Japan is an island nation in East Asia. It is one of the most highly educated countries in the world and has the biggest industrial economy. It is a thriving and rich country.

On behalf of the citizens and immigrants who settle in or live in Japan, the Japanese government issues various certificates, the main purpose of which is to certify or attest to the truth of some important information.

These documents cover a variety of uses, including education, health, employment, business, and law.

There are three types of Documents required for Japan Attestation:

  • Education Certificate : A vital record used to signify educational qualification of a person.
  • Non-Education Documents : It is an essential type of document used to certify certain valid fact.
  • Commercial Documents : These kind of documents is issued to prove some financial information like to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc.

Educational Documents

educational certificates attestation is a step in the legalization process in Japan. Educational certificates include all academic credentials, including diplomas , degrees, and SSLC certificates, that must be attested for usage in UAE.

Non-educational Documents or Personal Documents

The Japanese Embassy must authenticate Non-educational certificates unrelated to schoolings, such as birth, marriage, experience, and divorce certificates, are personal documents.

Commercial Documents

You must obtain the Commercial Certificate Attestation from the Japan Embassy if you intend to start a business in Japan or consider exporting your products in Japan or abroad.

Commercial certificates generally contain different business documents such as Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade license, Invoice, Certificate of Registration, etc.

Certificate Attestation Procedures for Japan are as follows:

  • Notarization of document
  • Attestation from MOFA
  • Attestation from the UAE embassy in Japan
  • Attestation from MOFA in UAE


The notary authenticates the document by signing and stamping it to vouch for its legality. Establishing a document's authenticity is the main objective of legalization. It can only be issued by authorized personnel at collector or notary public offices.

UAE Embassy

The UAE Embassy encourages cross-cultural exchange, political and economic cooperation, trade and investment development, and consular services for passports, permits, and other documents. It enables access to the UAE using the smart e-border system.


MOFA attestation requires some documentation, such as marriage certificates, degrees, and diplomas, to be recognized and genuine within the country. MOFA is the government agency in charge of a country's foreign relations.

This process involves verifying the document's validity and ensuring it complies with UAE legal standards.

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Procedure for Japan Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Japan Certificate Attestation

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