Mofa Attestation

The Service of International concerns (MOFA) and Global Participation act as the interfacing join between the shrewd authority and individuals of the UAE on one side and the entire World on the opposite side. The Service attempts a few obligations from management of all Consulates addressing UAE to entering two-sided arrangements and settlements with different countries.

"The Consular Administrations Division in the UAE Service of International concerns and Worldwide Participation (MoFAIC) gives Validation Administration to a wide range of records (business reports/Study Testaments/and different archives) as an action to sanction the legitimacy of stamp and mark on archives gave inside or out of the UAE."
In the event that the UAE has no government office in the concerned Nation, reports are to be supported by the concerned Country's Consulate in the UAE.

Documents that Require Attestation from MOFA

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • School Transcript
  • Higher Education Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • D. Degree Certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Special Power of Attorney
  • Export Invoice

Attestation - The Complete Guide

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is an administration organization that should be reached for record validation for some reasons, including instructive, individual, and business techniques. You can follow the strategy for report authentication yourself or recruit respectable and reasonable validation benefits that facilitate the total course of archive verification for you. Benchmark Confirmation Administrations is one such regarded name that gives quality MOFA authentication benefits that you can rely upon and give opportune conveyance of your verified records!

Educational certificates:

  • SDM (sub-divisional magistrate)/ HRD (human resource development).
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of foreign affairs).

Non-educational certificates:

  • Notary.
  • Home department.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of external affairs).

Commercial certificates attestation:

  • Chamber of commerce attestation.
  • MEA (ministry of external affairs).
  • Embassy attestation.
  • MOFA (ministry of external affairs).
How to verify attestation services in India ?

Attestation procedure is a mandatory process for any visa approval .It is necessary for someone who is willing to move overseas for employment or for higher education. The attestation procedures that is commonly seen in India is termed as attestation services in India . India is a country with a large number of population thus the employment opportunities in India is very less comparing its huge population. A large number of people are unemployed in both rural and urban areas. Due to this situation of widespread unemployment a number of people from India move to foreign countries in search for jobs. In this scenario the attestation services are very important. Every country has its own procedure for attestation and the procedure in India will be different from that of any other country. Procedure of attestation in India The procedure for attestation in India is a connected process. The ministry of foreign affairs attestation is considered as the most important procedure in India this step is only done after attesting done by all the departments but is given more importance. Under the attestation services provided in India there are

  • Educational certificate Attestation
  • Non Educational certificate attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation

Educational Certificate attestation Educational certificate attestation means attesting educational documents .This is done to prove the authenticity of an educational certificate for employment and higher education purposes in other countries. The educational certificates include degree certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate etc. In the initial stage of educational certificate attestation in India the notary public situated in Mumbai takes care of the attestation after which it is taken to the home department in Mumbai preferably for further recheck. Then the ministry of external affairs in Delhi and then the respective embassy. The final step is the MOFA attestation Non educational certificate attestation The authentication of non educational documents is termed as non educational certificate attestation. The non educational documents include the birth certificate, Death certificate, Employment certificate, Divorce certificate, marriage certificate etc the process for non educational certificates is same as the educational certificate certification but the difference lies in the third step were in the non educational certificate attestation, consulate attestation is needed and in the case of educational certificates it is the ministry of external affairs. Commercial certificate attestation This type of attestation is required in case of commercial documents like certificate of origin, certificate of incorporation etc here the process is very much different from the other two types of certificate attestation. In the first step the chamber of commerce in Delhi should attest the documents after which it is taken to the ministry of external affairs in Delhi and then to the embassy there. Last stage is same for any attestation that is the MOFA attestation. Thus attestation services in India are very important for someone who is willing to work or study overseas. The procedure differs each time according to the rules in India. The general purpose of any attestation is to prove that the document is authentic and real.

Attesting certificates is the act of legalizing your documents under the respective authority. If any individual wish to move to foreign countries for employment, higher education or for any other personal needs he should get his certificates attested. Certificate attestation is necessary to get your visa approved in any foreign country. Without proper attestation from the authority it is very difficult to get your visa approval. Certificate attestation is the act of formally certifying the documents to prove its authenticity.Individual’s need certificate in foreign nations for the reason of verification. Certificates are attested after putting a seal and signature of the respective authority. What is the need for certificates attestation? Certificate attestation can be used for variety of purposes. The certificates attested also depends upon the purpose of indivuduals.

  • To get work permit in foreign countries
  • For getting a family visa
  • Higher education
  • Dependent visa etc.

he simple files you need for certificate attestation is your original certificate and the passport replica. Certificate attestation includes all kinds of certificates, it can be educational certificates, non educational certificates or commercial certificates. Certificates that need attestation

  • Degree certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • HSC certificate
  • SSLC certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Salary certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of incorporation etc.

All these certificate need to get attested if you want to use them abroad. For recognizing your certificates in foreign countries your documents need attestation. Certificate attestation is a mandatory process for people who wish to migrate to foreign countries.

Consulate is the branch offices of an embassy. Consulate is a smaller version of embassy. Attestation done by the respective consulate is termed as consulate attestation. Consulate attestation is the final process for your documents. Your documents need to get attested if you to travel abroad .For your documents to be attested by the respective consulate from your home country you need to first follow few of the other steps. The documents should be first attested home department or human resource department then after that the ministry of external affairs should attest the documents only then the documents can be attested by the consulate.

Why do you need consulate attestation?

People need consulate attestation for different needs. The following are some of the reasons for which people use consulate attestation.

  • For getting a work permit
  • For getting higher education
  • For getting a family visa if you wish to take your family along to any foreign country.
  • It is also used for some medical emergency etc.

Consulate attestation is an inevitable step of document attestation. The consulate from which you need to get your certificates attested depends upon the country to which you wish to migrate. After getting your documents attested from the respective consulate the documents have a seal and signature of the consulate stating that the documents are real and genuine. Consulate attestation is mandatory for people to get visa in foreign countries. So before migrating to any foreign country make sure that your documents are attested by the respective consulate.


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