MOFA Attestation

MOFA Attestation

The MOFA certificate attestation department attests to all kinds of documents and serves as an interface between the uae foreign affairs attestation and the rest of the world. The process of Attestation verifies the seal and signature on papers printed outside of the UAE or from other countries. The ministry of foreign affairs uae attestation is given in the mofa uae attestation by the customer satisfaction centre.

You require the UAE's MOFA attestation to enrol in UAE schools or colleges or to obtain a work permit. This procedure confirms the legitimacy and authenticity of the certificates provided and legalised by the UAE embassy and the home country's Ministry of foreign affairs attestation.

Before submitting their documents to the UAE embassy, expats filing for residence permit from countries other than the UAE must have their credentials attested by the foreign affairs ministry of the issuing nation. The UAE ministry of foreign affairs attestation must certify all papers submitted by applicants from the mofa degree attestation.

An individual must attest to their eligibility for entry into the country and submit all necessary documentation to obtain a study purpose, residence purposes, or for business reasons. Documents like marriage certificates, school transcripts, birth, or death certificates, etc., require the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation.

Documents required for MOFA Attestation are:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy

MOFA Attestation Procedures for UAE are as follows:

Reasons for MOFA Attestation:

  • To pursue higher schooling abroad.
  • To work overseas.
  • To migrate.
  • For Resident Permit.

We have constantly been performing all of the UAE mofa attestation qatar services and all other documents related to Document Attestation. To better serve our clients, we built several high-end facilities. We provide an online Document tracking facility to give our clients the most recent updates.

MOFA Attestation Services in UAE:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Attestation is one way to give the documents legal status and ensure that people will accept them as legitimate. Obtaining a stamp from Foreign Affairs is evidence of the validity of the Document.

Yes, it is necessary to have the UAE Embassy in your country of residence approve all required documents. The documents will then only be stamped and authenticated by MOFA.

  • To obtain a labour card or employment permit in the United Arab Emirates.
  • To seek higher education in the United Arab Emirates.
  • To obtain a residence permit.
  • To apply for admission to institutions using a transfer certificate.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • To get the ability to market real estate.
  • For LLC partnership dissolution.
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