Iraq Attestation

Iraq Certificate Attestation

Iraq is a nation in Western Asia. There are numerous ethnic groups in Iraq. Iraq is famous for its extensive maqam tradition, which has been transmitted orally in an uninterrupted line from the maqam masters to the present.

The Iraq embassy attestation service is available to anyone who needs to move to Iraq for any reason, including employment, school, business, or other cause. An essential step in document attestation for Iraq is the consular stamp of the Iraq Embassy.

Foreigners must provide commercial, personal, and educational documents with the Iraq embassy's attestation stamp to enter the country for employment, study, or business, according to Iraq government policy.

Your identification and documents will be verified through this procedure, enabling you to transact business, get a job, continue your study, or stay in Iraq.

Certificate attestation is for a variety of reasons. The following purposes also call for the confirmed certifications:

  • To pursue university studies overseas.
  • To look for work.
  • When on a family vacation.
  • To secure a resident permit.
  • To relocate.
  • To begin an international business enterprise.
  • To do trading.

Types of Documents for Attestation are:

  • Education Documents : A vital record used to signify educational qualification of a person.
  • Non-Educational Documents : It is an essential type of document used to certify certain valid fact.
  • Commercial Documents : These kind of documents is issued to prove some financial information like to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc.

Educational Documents

In Iraq, the legalisation procedure requires that educational credentials be attested. To be awarded a student or employment permit, you must show verified documentation of your qualifications.

Education documents , including degrees, diplomas, SSC results, mark sheets, and school reports, shall have their authenticity attested by the Iraqi Embassy.

The Iraq Embassy must attest to the educational certificate provided by the home nation, and one must conduct embassy attestations from the country where the document was issued.

Non-Educational Documents

Personal documents, such as birth, marriage, affidavit, death certificates, medical certificates, and PCC for Iraq, must be certified by the Iraq Embassy.

This process will assist your identification and the legitimacy of your documents in Iraq. The personal records are accurate, authentic, and recognised by the Iraqi government because of the attestation stamp from the Iraq embassy.

Commercial Documents

It is required to obtain the Commercial Certificate Attestation from the Iraqi Embassy whether you intend to start a business in Iraq or consider selling your products overseas.

Attesting commercial and export documents such as invoices, incorporations, registrations, certificates of origin, and packing lists are among the essential elements in the legalisation process in Iraq.

Some commercial documents would be advantageous if the Iraqi Embassy for your export or international business attested them.

Certificate Attestation Procedures for Iraq are as follows:

  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Iraq
  • UAE Embassy from Iraq
  • MOFA from UAE

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Procedure for Iraq Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Iraq Certificate Attestation

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