Degree Certificate Apostille

Degree certificate is an educational credential awarded by the universities to students after the completion of a specialized training at the college or university level. In order to acquire a degree certificate from the university the student must complete all semester of that particular degree course. Apostille issued to the degree certificate is known as a Degree Certificate Apostille. Hague convention countries will grant this type of documentation and which will act as a bridge between you and your destination country.


Every country has their own embassy for issuing this certification. A square shaped stamp or sticker provided by the destination country known as Apostille and a designated official in the embassy will affix or imprint this stamp on the backside of the degree document is called a Degree Certificate Apostille. Obtaining an Apostille recognition is not a simple procedure and there are many legal procedures behind the legalization.

Documents required Degree certificate Apostille:

  • Original Degree certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate holder

One of the most important aim of this Degree certificate Apostille is to obtain financial purposes from a Hague convention country. For example, a dead person has a property in a foreign country and after the Degree of that particular person his/her son wants to sell that property, for that he has to submit a Degree certificate Apostille issued from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which is present in their home country.

Fastrack Attestation Overseas provides a hassle free Degree certificate Apostille to our clients. Our performance rate for this service is par excellence and the team is able to complete the process without any delay. Since the process of Degree certificate Apostille does not require physical presence, documents can be submitted in original via courier / registered post. We also provide MEA and Embassy attestation after Degree certificate Apostille by state HRD department.

Purposes of Degree Certificate Attestation

  • Every country asks this recognition from the candidate before providing jobs, which will help to prove the trustworthiness of the qualification.
  • Every International student should recognize their degree certificate to achieve higher education from a foreign university.
  • This documentation is also needed for migration purposes also.
  • It is necessary for attending MOH and DOH exams in abroad.

Procedures of Degree certificate attestation:

  • Degree Certificate will be sent to the University for Verification by the State HRD Department.
  • Upon verification received from the District, State Home Department will attest the original Degree Certificate.
  • Once original Degree Certificate is attested by State Home Department. Original Degree Certificate will be sent to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi for further attestation / legalization.
  • Apostille

This recognition is a legal necessity to prove that the custodian of records carries the original document. The Degree certificate Apostille is a necessary requirement to achieve common needs and opportunities. Through this procedure, the certificate holder can prove the authenticity of the certificate in the field of applying.


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