Malaysia Attestation

Malaysia Certificate Attestation

Malaysia is renowned for its multi-ethnic population, delicious and diversified cuisine, and lush natural surroundings. South East Asia contains the nation of Malaysia.

It is one of the richest and most industrialized countries and home to many ethnic and religious groups.

Anyone is planning to Migrate to the UAE from Malaysia in pursuit of a promising career opportunity. Remember to get your Malaysian documents certified before heading to better climes.

Attestation, often known as "legalization," is a critical step in getting your documents confirmed and accepted by the governing organizations in the UAE. You must have your documents attested by a few appropriate authorities in Malaysia and the UAE.

The nature of your transfer generally determines the kinds of documents needed. Depending on whether you travel from Malaysia to the UAE for business, employment, or residency, you must authenticate several documents.

Types of Malaysia document Attestation required for UAE is as follows:

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational Documents or Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

The documents required for Malaysia Attestation are:

  • Original Documents
  • A Passport copy

The reasons for Malaysia's Document Attestation for UAE are:

  • To obtain a work permit
  • Foreign higher education
  • Obtain a family permit
  • For admission to a school
  • For Business
  • Open a bank account

The procedure for Malaysia Attestation for UAE is as follows:

  • Ministry of Higher education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UAE embassy Malaysia
Procedure for Malaysia Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Malaysia Certificate Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the certificates from the university you attended go to the Ministry of Higher Education, a ministry of the Malaysian government, is in charge of verifying your education certificates before sending them to MOFA.

The UAE Embassy in Malaysia must attest or stamp the document before being utilized. Once the document is verified, the UAE government officially stamps it. The UAE authorities can see that the paper has undergone all the required steps in Malaysia.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must stamp the document with a second attestation stamp after it arrives to verify that Malaysia handled the documentation correctly. If the record does not require a final Arabic translation, you can use it in the UAE.

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