Germany Attestation

Germany Certificate Attestation

Germany is a popular choice among European nations for ex-pats from all over the world. It is a country in Western Europe with a terrain of woods, rivers, mountain ranges, and beaches along the North Sea. Living in Germany is fantastic.

A document issued in Germany must attest before using in the UAE. Any certificate that comes from Germany, whether educational, non-educational, personal, or commercial.

Attesting German documents for usage in the UAE can be highly complex. Numerous requirements are necessary, which vary from document to document depending on the type, language, and authority it needs.

Documents required for Germany Attestation:

  • Original Documents.
  • Passport copy.

The reasons for Germany Certificates attestation for UAE are:

  • To pursue higher education overseas.
  • For the sake of finding work.
  • To acquire a permit for permanent residence.
  • To facilitate migration.
  • To begin a business venture abroad.

Types of documents required for Germany attestation to use in UAE are:

  • Educational Certificate
  • Non-Educational Certificate or Personal Certificate
  • Commercial Certificate

The procedure required for Germany attestation to use in UAE are:

  • Attestation from the Direct Government
  • Attestation from the BVA/ Federal Office of Administration
  • Attestation from the UAE embassy in Germany
  • Attestation from the MOFA in UAE
Procedure for Germany Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Germany Certificate Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most German documents should go through a preliminary verification stage. It could be a request for confirmation from a governmental agency or the requirement to carry a certified copy of the original documents. However, this procedure is not necessary for government-issued documents like birth, marriage, or death certificates.

The Federal Office of Administration (BVA) is the appropriate body to handle citizenship issues for candidates who reside abroad. To ascertain whether applicants are German citizens, the BVA follows a set of procedures.

The document must be stamped or attested by the UAE embassy in Berlin before using in Germany. The document is now sealed and given an official sticker from the UAE government. It demonstrates to the UAE authorities that the document has completed all the necessary procedures in Germany.

Once the document has arrived in the UAE, it needs to receive a second attestation stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to confirm that the processing of your document in Germany was appropriate. Following the application of this stamp, if your document does not need a final Arabic translation, you can use it in the United Arab Emirates.

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