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New Zealand Certificate Attestation

In the western Pacific Ocean, on an island, is the country of New Zealand. The national rugby team and the picturesque scenery of New Zealand are all well-known. Natural splendour is what makes New Zealand unique. New Zealand is the place to go if you want to forget about remote, sandy beaches, thermal springs, soaring mountains, or coloured lakes.

Before they can be trusted and used abroad, all educational certificates , Non-educational or personal, and commercial papers issued in New Zealand must be legalized, authenticated, and attested.

If you intend to use New Zealand documents in the United Arab Emirates, they must be attested. This process confirms that a document given in one country may be used in another, regardless of whether you have a degree or other certificate from New Zealand, a birth, marriage, or death certificate, or any other personal or business document from New Zealand.

Documents necessary for New Zealand Attestation are:

  • Original Documents
  • Copy of Passport.

The reasons for New Zealand document Attestation are as follows:

  • Finding a job.
  • For higher education.
  • Getting Business Licenses for a start-up.
  • Obtaining a Resident permit.

Procedure for Attesting New Zealand documents to use in UAE:

  • Verification from the university.
  • Notaries certificate
  • Attestation from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Attestation from the UAE embassy in New Zealand
  • Attestation from the MOFA in UAE
Procedure for New Zealand Certificate Attestation

Procedure for New Zealand Certificate Attestation

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A notary public must complete a notary document. A written declaration or document signed by a notary public and sealed certifies the details of a notarial deed is known as a notarial certificate.

To support our security and prosperity, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) works to promote and support New Zealand's international objectives.

To tackle global issues, expand trade and investment possibilities, uphold international law, maintain regional stability, and assist people from New Zealand living abroad by collaborating with other nations and international partners.

Before being used in New Zealand, the UAE embassy in Wellington must verify the document. A DFAT certification and a formal sticker and seal from the UAE government are attached. This attestation sticker guarantees the UAE officials that the record has been through all necessary checks in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in each emirate of the United Arab Emirates is responsible for administering the second attestation seal that is necessary there. This stamp confirms the accuracy of New Zealand's documentation. To use it in the UAE, you must complete this last stage.

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