Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation in UAE are essential for couples intending to settle or reunite in the country.

A marriage certificate is proof that two individuals have been legally married. A marriage license, also known as a certificate of marriage, has the dual functions of authorising marriages and documenting their completion. A family Permit for another country requires the marriage certificate attestation in UAE done.

Almost all nations follow the same procedure. If a couple intends to live together abroad, they must attest/apostille their marriage certificate attestation in uae because it is legal documentation that the couple's home country recognised the union.

The marriage Certificate attestation in UAE process involves verifying the authenticity of the marriage certificate through notarization, home country attestation, UAE embassy authentication, and final endorsement by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Marriage certificate attestation becomes challenging as each nation you wish to visit has different verification terms and policies. The Embassy Attestation stamp certifies the validity of a marriage document. This procedure will confirm the legitimacy of your marriage document and you as a candidate for a family Permit.

Professional marriage certificate attestation services can facilitate this process, ensuring the marriage certificate's legal recognition by UAE authorities and helping couples navigate the complexities of the attestation requirements.

Marriage Certificate Attestation Procedures for UAE are as follows:

Documents needed for the attestation of a marriage certificate

  • Original Certificate
  • Copy of Passport

The marriage certificate should go through the attestation procedure for the following reasons:

  • To apply for a resident Permit.
  • For dependent Permit.
  • For Family Status

The Marriage Certificate Attestation Process consists of several steps. As a result, obtaining the Embassy attestation stamp on a marriage document is a time-consuming process. The time restriction varies by the location where the Marriage Certificate was issued. However, there are numerous methods for completing the procedure quickly. Reach out to us for easy and quick Attestation assistance.

Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in UAE:

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To demonstrate your legal marriage to another country, you must obtain an attestation of your marriage document. After getting an embassy attestation stamp, the marriage certificate gets validity, authenticity, and recognition from the country's foreign office. There is no need for additional legalisation once a marriage document has received this attestation stamp.

The Embassy attestation stamp refers to witnessing the signing of a Marriage certificate and signing it to validate that those bound by its contents correctly signed it. Attestation is an official acknowledgement of the authenticity and verification of a marriage certificate completed by proper procedures.

Marriage certificate attestation is necessary before applying for a dependent Permit for your Spouse.

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