China Attestation

China Certificate Attestation

China is renowned for its incredible diversity of delectable cuisine, martial arts, history of innovation, and architectural marvels like the Great Wall and Forbidden City. China is more than just tea and temples; it is a dynamic fusion of the contemporary and the very ancient.

Document attestation is a necessary process that must be completed when planning a trip to the UAE. It is a crucial step in the authentication process to confirm the integrity and authenticity of your papers and you.

Documents from China must be verified before they can be used in the UAE. Let us handle the hassle for you if you need to obtain a certificate of education, a birth, marriage, or death certificate, or any other personal or business document from China.

There are three different types of China Documents for UAE Attestation:

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents

Educational Documents

The evaluation of educational certificates is a stage in the legalization process in China. You must present verifiable proof of eligibility for a student or employment permit.

The China Embassy will verify all diplomas, certificates, matriculation results, mark sheets, and school records.

The China Embassy is responsible for examining the educational records that applicants' home countries have provided and obtaining diplomatic attestation from the countries that gave the certificates.

Non-educational Documents or Personal Documents

The China Embassy must certify all Chinese birth documents, marriage certificates, death certificates, medical records, and PCC.

Chinese authorities can confirm your name and the validity of your documents using this process. All over China, personal papers bearing the ministry's attestation mark are acknowledged, verified, and accepted.

Commercial Documents

The Commercial Certificate Attestation from the China Embassy is required if you intend to start a company in China or are considering exporting your products.

An essential stage in the legalization procedure in China is the attestation of commercial and export papers like invoices, incorporations, registrations, certificates of origin, and packing lists.

Having the China Embassy certify various commercial documents connected to your export or international commerce would be advantageous.

Documents needed for China Attestation are:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

Certificate Attestation Procedures for China are as follows:

  • Verification from University
  • Attestation from MOFA
  • Attestation from the UAE embassy
  • Attestation from MOFA in UAE


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest some documents, like marriage certificates, degrees, and diplomas, to be recognized and legitimate within the UAE. This procedure entails confirming the document's authenticity and ensuring it complies with UAE regulatory requirements.

UAE Embassy

One of the most important countries is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE has an excellent employment network. As more individuals travel to the UAE for work, UAE Embassy attestation has become one of the most in-demand services in recent years.

It is your responsibility to authenticate your documents and validate their validity. We offer you a broad range of attestation services, especially for personal and commercial and educational certificates.

Procedure for China Certificate Attestation

Procedure for China Certificate Attestation

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