Lebanon Attestation

Lebanon Certificate Attestation

Lebanon is an Arab country with many traits in common with other Arab countries. It also has several qualities that set it apart from other nations in the region, including its hilly topography, distinctive cuisine, and diverse population of religious and ethnic groups.

You can find ancient Roman remains, well-preserved castles, limestone caverns, old churches and mosques, stunning Mediterranean Sea beaches, world-famous Lebanese cuisine, uninterrupted nightlife and discothèques, and mountainous ski resorts in Lebanon.

Metal products, finance, agriculture, chemicals, and transportation equipment are some of the key economic sectors. The two primary growing industries are finance and tourism. Foreign exchange or money movement is unrestricted.

Before submitting documents to the UAE Embassy in Lebanon, documents issued in Lebanon must first be ratified by the relevant local authorities and legalized by the UAE Embassy in Beirut. Before being sent to the UAE Embassy, documents issued in Lebanon must also be translated, if necessary, and attested by the appropriate authorities.

Document Required for Embassy Attestation in Lebanon:

  • Copy of a passport
  • Original Document

The following categories are the types of documents:

  • Educational Documents
  • Personal or Non-Educational Documents
  • Commercial Documents

Certificate Attestation Procedures for Lebanon are as follows:

  • Legalization from the Ministry of Education (if required)
  • Legalization from the MOFA in Beirut
  • Legalization Attestation from the UAE Embassy in Lebanon
  • Attestation from the MOFA in UAE

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Procedure for Lebanon Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Lebanon Certificate Attestation

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