MOFA Attestation in Dubai

MOFA Attestation in Dubai

The UAE government has a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) department. Some of its principal obligations and tasks include formulating its foreign policy and maintaining bilateral contacts with other nations. Documents issued by other local government agencies must also be verified and authenticated by the ministry of foreign affairs attestation.

One of the services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides through its embassies overseas is the mofa degree attestation of certificates issued by local authorities in the United Arab Emirates or other ministry of foreign affairs uae attestation countries.

An individual must certify and present the necessary documentation to enter the country to obtain a study permit, resident permit, or permit for business purposes. Documents, including marriage certificates , educational transcripts, birth/death certificates, etc., require the Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication.

mofa uae attestation is for three different types of documentation. They are divided according to their nature, shared characteristics, and the government agency that requires uae foreign affairs attestation.

Types of Documentation required are:

The following steps are necessary to attest the Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai:

Documents for Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai:

  • Original certificates
  • A passport photocopy

The following is a list of situations in which a MOFA attestation is required in the UAE to use a specific document:

  • Employment or labour permit.
  • Global higher education.
  • UAE residence permit
  • A child's admission to school
  • Purchase property abroad

Only after the documents have been pre-authenticated can the mofa attestation qatar be concluded. By proving the validity of immigration documents, the mofa certificate attestation enables cross-border business operations.

MOFA attestation is to provide the documents with legal force and ensure that people will recognise them as legitimate through foreign affairs attestation. Having the Document stamped by Foreign Affairs includes proof that it is valid.

MOFA Attestation Services in UAE:

Procedure for MOFA Attestation in Dubai

Procedure for MOFA Attestation in Dubai

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