Non-educational Certificate Apostille in Dubai

Non educational certificate Apostille in Dubai

The Apostille of non-educational documents or certificates is the area that needs the most help, and professional consultation should be given on this certificate. These include birth and marriage certificates, affidavits, transfer certificates, medical leaves, divorces, and other legal documents.

The Hague Convention Countries only recognize Apostille as a valid form of document legalization. There is no need for additional legalization beyond the Apostille, such as embassy attestation.

Therefore, you must obtain an Apostille stamp if you want to use your non-educational certificates (such as those for birth, marriage, death, or divorce) in any country that is a signatory to the Apostille Convention.

An apostille is a type of authentication in which documents are approved in a particular arrangement acceptable in all nations that are parties to the Hague Convention.

Most of the Western world knows the Apostille, which may be used in 92 nations and is effectively a global confirmation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs adheres the apostille stamp, a square-shaped, computer-produced sticker stamp, to the record's back.

This unique PC-created stamp has a unique proof number that allows any member country of The Hague tradition to verify its authenticity online. In most cases, the relevant consulate does not need to validate the report further once it has been Apostilled.

The procedure for the non-educational certificate Apostille is mentioned below:

The documents for the non-educational certificate Apostille:

  • Original documents
  • A passport photocopy

Reasons for the Non-educational certificate Apostille are mentioned below:

  • For marriage purposes.
  • To bring spouse on a dependent permit.
  • For family permit.
  • Other purposes.
  • For financial claims.

Considering its non-signatory status to the Hague Convention, UAE does not recognize certificates with an apostille. The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the appropriate authorities in the nation of issuance must certify the documents' official status through attestation or embassy legalization processes.

Non-Educational Certificate Apostille Services in UAE:

Procedure for Non educational certificate Apostille in Dubai

Procedure for Non educational certificate Apostille in Dubai

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