Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah

The marriage certificate is a record created and provided by a public or government agency to demonstrate that the information listed on the certificate is accurate and that the couple's identity, the location of the wedding, the time of the marriage, and other data are true.

Marriage Certificate Attestation is required to be recognized as a legal document in the UAE for any reason.

If you intend to travel with your spouse, you must obtain a marriage certificate attestation. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a family permit or sponsoring your spouse while they are overseas.

An attestation can confirm that your marriage certificate is legitimate and was issued in the nation where your marriage was legally recognized.

Both permanent and temporary residents of foreign nations are given a social security card. To qualify for benefits if you are going overseas with your family, you must present certain documentation proving your age, identity, and relationship to the applicant.

The couple must provide a marriage certificate attestation in uae with an attestation stamp in this situation for verification.

The lengthy and important procedure of UAE Certificate Attestation ensures the authenticity of certifications. The official seal or signature of the UAE Government is added to the Document Attestation by a designated individual or department.

UAE Embassy Attestation is crucial to the UAE. The UAE government strictly prohibits the use of certificates without embassy attestation.

The Reasons for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah:

  • Seeking a residency permit to bring your spouse into the UAE.
  • To change the name on the spouse's passport.
  • To offer the spouse health insurance coverage.
  • For a child's passport application.
  • To file a divorce petition.

Required documents for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

Marriage certificate Attestation Procedures for Fujairah are as follows:

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Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah

Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation in Fujairah

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