Birth Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

Birth Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

A birth certificate attestation is necessary to apply for a resident permit in the UAE, whether your child was born in the UAE or in any other nation. The issuing authority's stamp and signature must be on the birth certificate.

The birth certificate attestation from ministry of foreign affairs can either be authenticated or apostilled depending on your needs and the rules of the nation where it was issued. The government issues birth certificates as official records of a person's birth, age, place of birth, and parentage.

Given that a birth certificate attestation in uae is crucial for every person throughout their lives, you should carefully select any attestation service provider before hiring them.

Personnel from the nation for which the documents are being certified carry out this task. For most countries, it comes after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the last stage in certification.

Most of the time, the government register, which keeps track of daily births, issues a birth certificate. This certificate proves that the person was born in the designated nation. It provides essential details, including the person's date of birth and country of origin.

Reasons for Birth Certificate Attestation in Sharjah:

The most important legal document needed to obtain a passport for a minor born abroad would be an attested birth certificate, even if the child were born in the United Arab Emirates.

  • To complete the child's permit process.
  • For entry into a school.
  • For any migration-related reason.
  • Change the name on official government, schools, and colleges documents.

The following steps are necessary for Sharjah's birth certificate attestation process:

Documents required for Sharjah's birth certificate attestation process are:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

Birth certificates require the endorsement and signature of specific people, organisations, or government bodies. This attestation also confirms that the department issued the particular birth certificate mentioned and bears a genuine seal and signature.

UAE Embassy and MOFA endorse birth certificates issued inside and outside the UAE for hassle-free use inside the UAE.

Birth Certificate Attestation Services in UAE:

Procedure for Birth Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

Procedure for Birth Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

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