Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

In the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah stands third in terms of population. It serves as the Emirate of Sharjah's capital. It is renowned for its libraries, Islamic museums, cultural hubs, and Arabic and Islamic architecture—the United Arab Emirates hub for literature and culture in this city.

Every person traveling to the UAE must have a Certificate Attestation in Sharjah. Getting an attestation services in uae stamp from the UAE Embassy or Consulate is a legal step that will provide evidence of the document's verification. It establishes you as a lenient person, which is essential.

Various certificate attestation services in Sharjah procedures is available to certify your documents for usage abroad. The only factor affecting the process is the kind of document you wish to attest to.

Sharjah certificate attestation and the types of certificates are as follows:

Educational Documents :

Education certificates are the documents that educational institutions have provided to attest to the holder's educational background and certifications like SSC, HSC, and Diploma. Attesting academic certificates is checking and validating educational documents by following the attestation of the certificate in Sharjah.

Non Educational Certificate :

Non-educational certificate attestations are also known as personal document attestations. Personal certificates such as marriage, birth, divorce, and medical certificates fall under non-educational certificate attestation in Sharjah.

Commercial Document :

Commercial documents are evidence of commercial transactions that detail different aspects of those transactions, like trade or export, such as invoices, board resolutions, incorporations, registrations, attestation of certificate of association, and packing lists are few examples.

Essential documents needed for the authentication of certificates:

  • Original documents
  • Passport Copy

The following is the procedure for attestation of a Sharjah certificate:


The Ministry of foreign affairs is an executive body overseeing a country's foreign policy. It is also in charge of one of the crucial steps in certificate attestation in Sharjah.

UAE Embassy

The embassy is one of the UAE's consulates overseas and provides attestation services in Sharjah. The embassy handles international affairs about the nation of residence and represents the government of the United Arab Emirates.

We represent some of the most reputable and well-known experts in document authentication. Our professionals revise and check each document before being submitted to the proper authorities for attestation of the certificate in Sharjah.

Without dealing with paperwork or legal complications, the UAE enables you to develop in your job with recognized certificate attestation.

Certificate Attestation Services in UAE:

Procedure for Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

Procedure for Certificate Attestation in Sharjah

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