10 Common Reasons for Rejection of a Dubai Visa

Updated on: 09 Sep 2022

Millions of individuals, mostly young people, seek for a Dubai visa each year. People from all over the world are drawn to the nation because it offers some of the best employment and educational opportunities.

It is renowned for its architecture, culture, politics, social environment, and leisure activities that are both healthy and enjoyable.

The process for applying for a UAE visa is rather straightforward. However, they also value laws and security. Therefore, examine both the Dubai visa rules and the rules governing the emirate before applying for a Dubai visa.

You can only do this to reduce your risk of having your Dubai visa rejected. Your ambition of visiting Dubai could be dashed by one minor error.

Consider the following ten common reasons before applying for a visa to Dubai, which is tight regarding national security, in order to avoid having your application denied.


Common Grounds For Denying A Visa To Dubai

1. Incorrect and Incomplete Application

Give accurate and error-free information in each column on your visa application. Your application will be rejected if even the smallest spelling or data discrepancy is present.

2. Solo Travel to Dubai Is Not Permitted for Women Under 25

The importance Dubai places on its laws and security cannot be disregarded. It could take longer for a woman under 25 to acquire permission to visit Dubai. One of the stringent measures implemented by the Dubai authorities to lower the risk of human trafficking in their nation is this one.

If you are under 25 and want to travel without your parents or legal guardians, you can have trouble getting a Dubai visa or have your application rejected.

3. Old-fashioned Passports with Handwriting

Passports with handwriting on them are no longer accepted in any nation in the globe, not alone Dubai.

4. Typographical Errors

Your Dubai visa application could be rejected if there are any typographical problems in your name, spelling, code, number, date of birth, etc. It is among the most ridiculous and small errors that are often overlooked when applying for a Dubai visa.

5. Previous Extended Trip to Dubai

Though it is risky, many individuals still do it. Even after their visas expire, they stay in the nation. What occurs if a tourist enters a country and stays after their visa has expired?


1.    There is a blacklist for him.

2.    He can go to prison for three months or more.

3.    He can be required to pay hefty penalties and fees.

4.    He might be sent back to his own country.

The individual must ensure that their visa is automatically cancelled before departing the country of their destination. He will have to deal with the implications the next time he files for the visa if he does not do it, whether purposefully or accidentally.

6. A valid residence visa

If you didn't terminate your previous visit visa before leaving the country, your visa application could be turned down. The UAE immigration agency will analyse the verification of your last resident visa to release it to permit your second visit to your destination country.

7. Previously submitted a visa application but never arrived in the country

If after receiving permission for your visa application you are unable to travel to Dubai for whatever reason. You must then obtain a PRO's or an agency's approval before being given a second chance to fly to Dubai.

8. Possession Of a Passport By An Unskilled Person

Dubai does not approve passports with unskilled occupation. Unskilled professions refer to the ones that do not require skills or formal education. Examples of unskilled ones are farmers, cleaners, cashiers, and grocery store employees.

9. Any Criminal History In The UAE Or Elsewhere

If you have a history of misconduct, fraud, or criminal crimes, your Dubai visa application may be denied.

10. Uneven Or Blurry Photo

Your passport must have a clear photo for the immigration department to recognise you. To avoid delays or refusal, apply for a visa to the UAE online using clear, unblurred photographs of your passport copies.

These are the top ten common explanations for Dubai visa denials. The aforementioned causes should be avoided to guarantee visa approval.

Here are some advice to help you fly to Dubai with confidence and avoid making mistakes.

§  Visit the embassy website to review the visa guidelines.

§  Complete all of the required fields and columns on the form.

§  To give the correct information, read the application's instructions.

§  Include legal documentation.

§  Maintain enough money in your bank account.

§  Give a compelling justification for your arrival, stay, and return to the nation.

§  Correct any grammatical or spelling issues.

§  Apply patiently and give yourself enough time to finish the application process.

How Can I Check If My Dubai Visa Was Rejected?

To check the status of your visa, go to the country's embassy website and enter the necessary information.

Ø Passport number

Ø Application ID

Ø Tracking number

Ø Interview location

How Can You Find Out Why Your Dubai Visa Was Rejected?

You receive a letter outlining the grounds for the visa denial from the nation's consulate or embassy. This procedure enables the applicant to submit another application that is free of mistakes.


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