A marriage certificate can be attested in the UAE in 5 simple steps.

Updated on: 19 Sep 2022

The act of witnessing a marriage certificate with an official seal and signature from a department is known as marriage certificate attestation. It is a formal document that announces and affirms the marriage and partnership between two people. It alludes to the procedure for approving a marriage licence for use abroad. A legitimate marriage certificate that has been attested is required for married people who are travelling abroad. Everywhere in the world, attestation of marriage certificates is necessary to verify a person's marital status. A marriage certificate is a formal document that attests to the validity of the union between the parties specified on it. The certificate will include details about the couple, including their names, ages, places of residence, and the wedding day.

The steps involved in validating or attesting a marriage certificate for use in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:

§  Discover the specifications for certificate attestation.

§  Make contact with a UAE-based attestation firm.

§  Send the paperwork to the attestation service of your choice.

§  As your documentation is processed, please be patient.

§  Obtain an authenticated certificate.

Learn about the prerequisites for certificate attestation in step 1.

Making sure you already have the required certificates is the first step in acquiring an attestation for your marriage certificate. Depending on the country giving the certificate and the language being used, different restrictions may apply. However, the majority of governmental institutions, such the embassy of the UAE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demand the following standard documentation:

§  Government-issued identity that is in good standing; it is recommended that each party to a marriage contract present both their passport and residency visa (original and two photocopies).

§  A marriage certificate must be issued by the proper authority if it is to be attested. The national government must update any words or entries on the marriage certificate that can be read.

§  The attestation authorization letter - If you are contracting a third party to handle the attestation, you will need an attestation authorization letter. Exporting the process of attestation of certificates could ensure that it is finished accurately and on schedule. The smooth operation of the attestation procedure can be ensured by submitting a notarized authorization letter.

Completed application for marriage certificate attestation

Step 2: Get in touch with a UAE attestation service.

Contact a respected attestation service provider in your area once you have gathered all of the necessary documentation. Make sure you arrive during business hours. Make an appointment to avoid the line. You can obtain application forms that must be filled out and given to the state authorities of both your home country and the UAE from a company that offers attestation services in the UAE for marriage certificates.

Step 3: Submit the paperwork to the business of your choosing.

Send the completed application forms, along with any other necessary documentation, to the several state departments that must certify your marriage certificate. Pay the processing fees associated with the entire authentication procedure. The majority of reliable service providers headquartered in the UAE would ask for a single payment to process your legal document with several government agencies. Make sure the service provider offers a guarantee for the service before you pay the fee and submit the requirements. Additionally, confirm that there won't be any unstated costs. Keep duplicates of the official receipt issued by the attestation company.

Step 4: Watch for the processing of your document.

Four distinct state agencies must certify your marriage licence. The steps you must take when attesting the document are as follows:

Attestation by a notary public - The first step in the attestation procedure is to have a notary public in your area approve your certificate. This is often done by stamping and signing the certificate. Notary attestation is the most fundamental requirement of the verification procedure. Therefore, the initial step is often obtaining any document certified in India.

Document attestation from the department of origin — Obtaining document attestation from the department of origin is the next stage. The home department authenticates personal documents such birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates. Personal documents must be attested by the home department and its designated personnel.

Subdivisional Magistrate (SDM): In some circumstances, the SDM can replace the HRD and the home department. However, bear in mind that some agencies want attestation from the home department. The state government does not have any authority over the subdivisional governor.

The central government department in charge of the nation's external affairs is the Ministry of External Affairs. Prior to the document being attested by the UAE embassy, the MEA Attestation is the last step.

In most circumstances, embassy attestation is the last step. Staff from the UAE embassy performs the attestation.

Gather an attested certificate in step five.

You must provide the official receipt that was provided by the attestation service provider at the time of attestation in order to pick up your certified certificates from the attestation service agencies. You must present a power of attorney if you are seeking the certified document on someone else's behalf.

Check the marriage certificate again for mistakes or inaccuracies after receiving the legalized/attested version.

Advice for Attesting Marriage Certificates in the UAE

§  For document attestation, the various state departments do not require personal appearance. If you are not handling the attestation of a certificate personally, you must submit an authorisation letter.

§  Depending on the state department involved in the process, the attestation fee varies. The best option is to speak with a service provider for a more precise quote.

§  Before being utilised in the UAE, a marriage certificate needs to have an attestation stamp or seal applied. Local authorities will not accept the certificate as legitimate and legal if it does not have the attestation stamps or seals.

§  If a marriage certificate was issued locally or in the UAE, there is no need for attestation, especially if the document would be used domestically.

It does take a lot of time and effort to certify a marriage certificate. Fortunately, assistance from experts can be used to finish the entire authentication process. Contact attestation service providers in the UAE to find out more about how to attest to a marriage certificate.


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