Attestation Of Divorce Certificate For UAE

Updated on: 22 Sep 2022

The process of certifying the court-issued divorce certificate that ends a marriage conclusively is known as divorce certificate attestation. A divorce certificate lists the names of the parties who have separated, the location and date of the marriage's dissolution, as well as the obligations and privileges granted to each party as a result of the dissolution. In order for authorities, institutions, and businesses within its borders to accept a divorce document that was issued outside of the UAE as official, it would need to be attested.

The UAE's Usefulness for Attesting Divorce Certificates

In the event that you require the certificate for one or more of the following, having your divorce papers attested as soon as possible will save you the headache of having to do it in a rush later.

·      Changing the name on a passport or other formal document

·      Obtaining a certificate of singleness

·      Getting hitched

·      Acquiring a visa for a foreign nation

·      Changing an insurance policy's beneficiary

·      Removing a spouse's name legally

Documents needed to certify a divorce decree

The following documents must typically be provided in order to have a divorce decree issued abroad attested for use in the UAE.

·      Visa replica (where applicable)

·      Authentic divorce decree (in some countries).

·      Letter of authorization to expedite things (where applicable)

·      Copy of the certificate holder's passport

The Divorce Certificate Attestation Procedure

Services for Attesting Divorce Certificates

Obtaining authentication from the home office of the issuing nation

·      Having the document attested by the Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs of the issuing nation

·      obtaining the document's legalisation from the UAE Embassy in the nation of issue.

·      Having the MOFA of the UAE certify the documents.

Apostille for Divorce certificates

Apostilles are provided by Hague Convention signatory nations, such as India, by stamping official labels on processed papers, such as divorce decrees. The document in question must first be authenticated by the designated authority of the issuing state, which in India is the Home Department of that particular state, before the MEA can do this. The MEA applies the apostille stamp, however this is insufficient to give the document UAE validity; it still needs to be authenticated through conventional means. Due to this, clients who want to certify their divorce documents frequently turn to attestation services in Dubai.

Find the best document attestation solutions Dubai has to offer, and you can complete the process without being physically present at any of the involved departments. The alternative entails having to slog through a drawn-out process that involves several difficulties and offers no realistic assurance of victory.

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