Attestation of Documents for Teachers Seeking Employment in the UAE

Updated on: 26 Nov 2022

Certification of Teachers

A teacher requesting a work permit outside of their home country must have all necessary documentation duly authenticated. The UAE enforces strict regulations that must be complied with without any reservation among the major nations in the world that place this obligation. The following rules would apply to you if you wanted to work as a teacher in the Emirates as a foreign person.

What Exactly Is Authentication?

No matter whatever country you want to teach in, you must have your educational and other documentation authenticated by having the consulate or embassy of that nation certify their accuracy. Bachelor's degree, teaching licence, and police background check are the standard minimum of three documents that must be attested for aspiring teachers. There are some nations that demand additional paperwork, such transcripts of academic achievements. A marriage or birth certificate, as appropriate, may also be required if you intend to bring a spouse or kid.

How Is Document Authentication Performed?

As was already said, the circumstances of your home nation would determine the actions that must be taken and the conditions that must be satisfied. As a general rule, the attestation procedure calls for the following items.

·      Notarization from a notary public: This must be obtained from your country of origin, therefore if you are already in the UAE, a company that provides certificate attestation in Dubai may handle this step for you most quickly.

·      the municipal government's approval: This is done to demonstrate unequivocally that the notary public who processed your certificate is a legitimate representative of their state.

·      Your consulate's stamp: The preceding two procedures would require authentication by your consulate or embassy, which would require a signature and seal from people in positions of power. You might be possible to ship the documents to the consulate, but it will be much easier if you allow a trustworthy attestation service take care of it for you. many even provide Indian consulate Dubai attestation services.


You can use your verified documents as legally valid certifications inside the UAE once you have them in your possession, regardless of whether you completed the entire process on your own or used an attestation service. An aspiring teacher will now be able to approach a potential employer with confidence because they have the necessary credentials to back up their claims.

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