Attestation of Educational Documents in Dubai

Updated on: 05 Sep 2022

Every young professional dreams of studying or working overseas. You might have made the decision to relocate abroad to study or to experience a different work culture. You will also be able to broaden your professional network by moving abroad. The applicant may be looking for employment, higher education, or admittance to a UAE school.

It's difficult to settle down in a new nation. Before you can do that, there are a number of things you need to finish. One of the procedures you must accomplish, and one that might take a lot of time and paperwork, is enrolling in a school or college. If you don't have the right paperwork on hand, starting out can be more challenging. Important documents can be time-consuming and expensive to transfer from one nation to another (digital versions are not always accepted), so a little forethought can go a long way.

The process of attestation for educational documents can be complicated and time-consuming for people who are unfamiliar with it. As a result, it could be wise to learn about the procedure to insist on having your documents legalised in Dubai.

It's crucial that you read up on the process and are aware of all the documentation your application will require.

·      For the bulk of the designations required order to obtain an employment visa or labour card in the UAE.

·      Higher education to achieve immigration goals

·      To launch a successful business

How to Attest Educational Certificates in the UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

·      For some countries, the Notary Public Stamp on the Certificate is optional.

·      confirmation from the State Department of Education or another appropriate authority.

·      A certificate of authenticity from the country of issue's foreign ministry. To confirm that the certificate is genuine and the issuing authority is legitimate, bring the original certificate and a copy that has been stamped.

·      UAE Consulate Legalization in the country of origin.

·      When you arrive in Dubai, present certified documents or copies to the appropriate government department. Attestation from Dubai, United Arab Emirates's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each document's attestation procedure could also vary, therefore it is wise to check with the relevant officials in advance.

Hiring a professional entails handing over control of the entire process to the agent in exchange for the required fees. Our devoted team of professionals in Dubai is available to assist with any country's or document's attestation.


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