Do you intend to grow your company in the UAE? a list of the paperwork and procedures you need to complete in order to grow your company to the United Arab Emirates.

Updated on: 20 Sep 2022

You've established a prosperous firm in another nation, and now you want to grow it in the United Arab Emirates. Seven states make up the UAE, with Dubai arguably being the most well-known due to its rapid development and innovation.

A firm can grow and expand into something direct and significant by putting a good or service on the worldwide market and broadening its reach. The world is now the playground of entrepreneurs, who have access to amazing prospects in marketplaces around the globe.

Entering the UAE market has a number of advantages, such as: -

·      Tax credits: There are no income or business taxes.

·      It's open market day.

·      a place people want to go.

·      ongoing construction

·      Between 2012 and 2013, online marketing rose by more than 300 percent.

Testing your products and services anywhere you want has become more simpler thanks to the expansion of online marketing in particular.

The paperwork needed to expand a business in the UAE

·      a business permit.

·      Trading Permit, a declaration of incorporation.

·      Document of authentication.

·      Attestations on affidavits.

·      Memorandum of Understanding Export Invoice pack list.

·      Attestation of educational certificates.

·      Legal authority, etc.

How to expand and grow your business in the UAE

Create a new office

·      The growth journey is initiated with a single step. Establishing a new location is the first step in expanding the reach of your business. If your company's existing site isn't working well, it could be time to find a new one. Consider the demographics of your target market there. Additionally, bear in mind the following:

·      Will there be a big enough stream of people?

·      Is the new location easy to find?

·      Is the new site well-suited to draw in your target audience?

·      When selecting a place, be sure to get the assistance of an expert who can provide recommendations and compile a shortlist of suitable sites.

Promote your company

If you want to build a second location but don't have the time or resources to do so, branding your business is a terrific method to keep the wheels of growth and expansion going. You can expand your business through brand extension without opening and running a new location.

Additionally, licencing gives you the opportunity to expand your company while simultaneously advancing and improving it in other ways.

How to get a licence for your work

Leasing your product can be an efficient and economical expansion strategy for your company if you offer a service or sell branded goods. Licensing reduces your risk and costs as compared to the price of creating a firm to develop and promote your brand or product.

Prior to licencing your products, conduct thorough research to identify a potential licencing partner who offers items or services that are comparable to yours. and submit the . Find a skilled attorney who specialises in property rights before scheduling a meeting or contacting any businesses.

This is the best approach to reduce the possibility that you may lose control of your service or product as a result.

Establish a cooperation.

Relationships with companies in a similar industry might speed up the growth of your company. A strategic alliance between two businesses can be a powerful method to enter new markets. Additionally, a strategic alliance may get you rapid access to potential customers.

Therefore, the purpose of collaboration is not always to bridge markets. A partnership may also provide advantages like as access to cash, technology, manufacturing processes, and others.


A wonderful method to develop your business and grow it is to establish many revenue streams that may compensate for seasonal lulls and boost profit and sale margins. The most common techniques are as follows:

·      giving away products or services.

·      bringing in or sending goods from yourself or others.

Search for new markets

Despite the success of your present target market, you may want to focus on other market segments. Are there any other options? You can penetrate new markets by making use of your current brand awareness. Start exploring for chances in additional markets where your product might be valuable as a result.

Get a contract with the government

A government contract is a terrific method to expand your business. There are numerous options available in the UAE. Numerous enterprises receive financing and assistance from the government. To learn what kinds of contracts are available in your industry, research government financing help.

Purchase and combination

Through a merger, your business may be able to gain market share. As a starting point, think about which businesses are comparable to yours or provide similar goods or services. Think about the advantages of acquiring the potential business or pooling strengths as well.

·      Consider your financial capability and liquidity carefully.

·      The optimal team for operations, sales, marketing, and finance should be put together.

·      Create the greatest possible leadership group.

·      Establish goals and keep an eye on your progress.

·      Make sure that sharing data is safe and efficient.

Add the internet to the expansion

A popular method for people to locate a business online is using a search engine. 76% of the time, customers research a company's internet presence before going there or making a purchase. Therefore, if you want to connect with as many potential clients as you can, you need to establish a strong online presence.

Extending your online presence from an engaging website to a social media presence will enable you to target a broad spectrum of clients both locally and globally. Choosing keywords for your products or services and launching a small Google ad campaign with the assistance of a digital marketing professional can help you get better results if your company already has a website.

Investigate market possibilities

You need to expand your business and enter new markets. Expanding your business into new markets can be overwhelming, whether you're an individual or a company trying to create a commercial presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the larger GCC, the Mainland, free zones, or offshore.

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