Dubai Tourist Visa: A Key to a World-Class Desert City

Updated on: 09 Sep 2022

Dubai, one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, is a magnificent metropolis that emerged from the Arabian desert to become a major worldwide centre. From tranquilly to renewal, adventure to shopping, Dubai has carved out an unrivalled position in the tourism and business worlds. The number of tourists arriving in Dubai has consistently climbed over the past ten years, with an expected 15.92 million arriving in 2018. If you're planning to visit this city for some exploration as well, make sure you fully comprehend the Dubai tourist visa application process initially.

A Dubai tourist visa is a short-term, conditional authorisation given by the UAE government to expats who seek to enter the nation for a set length of time for tourism-related purposes. However, it is a simple process, unlike other Dubai visas. The visit visa, which enables expats to engage in a variety of activities including visiting family, is somewhat different from the tourist visa. The two categories of tourist visas for Dubai are as follows:

14-day tourist visa for Dubai

As the name implies, this visa is only good for a maximum of 14 days, and travellers are forced to depart for their home country before it expires to avoid being fined.

Dubai Tourist Visa for 30 days

With this visa, tourists can stay in Dubai for an additional 30 days, which can be extended by an additional 10 days with advance notification. Certain terms and conditions apply to the extension.

Tourists who overstay their welcome will be fined AED 200 for the first day and AED 100 for each additional day. Both the airport and the immigration offices in Dubai accept payment for this fine. Expats from a select group of nations, including those in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Russia, and the Ukraine, may apply for a visa upon arrival. Other Dubai visas, however, need certification from the UAE Embassy.

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