Guide to Dubai Work Visa for Indians

Updated on: 06 Sep 2022

If you have a sponsor or recruiter to speak on your behalf, obtaining a Dubai work visa is not difficult for Indian nationals. One of the documents needed to relocate to your desired foreign country and complete your work of relocating abroad is a visa. If you want to conduct business or apply for a job in Dubai, you must have a work visa.

What does an Indian Work Visa for Dubai entail?

You might infer from the word "work" that an Indian needs this work visa in order to be employed in Dubai and receive an income that is tax-free. An Indian person who wishes to work or do business in Dubai must get a work visa from the Dubai Immigration Department.

Dubai Work Visa Qualifications for Indians

You can apply from India for a job and a work visa for Dubai if you are an Indian who is at least 18 years old and fits the standards of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Any person who is 65 or older can apply for a job in Dubai, however his employer might charge more for him. Based on their academic credentials and skills, the Dubai government has established a category for international employees.

1.    For people with a bachelor's degree, there is category 1.

2.    People in category 2 have a post-secondary degree in any subject

3.    People in category 3 have a high school diploma.

If you meet all the requirements for foreigners to work in Dubai, you can find employment there and earn an income that is tax-free.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Dubai?

One of the necessary paperwork for travelling to Dubai for employment is a work visa. But the employer who recruited you in Dubai took care of this obligation. Get a job in Dubai from India first, then give your employer the documentation listed below.


The business or employer that gave you the employment offer in Dubai is in charge of requesting your Dubai work visa.

Ø attestation of academic credentials

Ø Genuine, current passport

Ø letter of employment

Ø certified medical record

Ø Entry Permit

Ø Carefully complete the visa application form.

Ø passport-sized pictures

You can get ready for your journey to Dubai once you get your work visa.


How to Apply for a Work Visa in Dubai

§  Your new employer will sponsor your work visa application and submit it to the Ministry of Labour.

§  An authorised entry permit is obtained on your behalf by your sponsor or company.

§  You can legitimately enter the nation for employment purposes on your entry permit.

§  You have two months from the date of your admission permit to apply for a resident visa and a work permit.

§  Get the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the concerned State Government officials, and the Dubai embassy in India to certify your legal paperwork.

§  Your documents can be used outside of your country after receiving attestation, which verifies their validity.

§  Within seven days of receiving your work visa, you must go to Dubai.

§  Apply for a labour card, a free zone job, and an ID card in Dubai, which are requirements for foreigners living there.

§  In order to legally stay and work in Dubai, you must have a resident visa.

§  A resident visa application is simple and easy to complete. Only your correctly filled-out application form, entrance permit, and original passport need to be turned in to immigration officials and the Emirates ID service centre.

§  Visit the health centre for a physical examination after submitting an application for a residency permit.

§  This test will be comparable to the one you underwent to demonstrate to the government that you are healthy and possess no contagious disease.

§  Visit the Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) with a medical certificate and accompanying documentation to have a visa stamped on your passport.

To operate in Dubai without any obstacles, these permits are just as important as a work visa. To prevent legal issues, abide by all expat rules in Dubai, and stay informed of all immigration restrictions in Dubai, stay in touch with your employer and keep a good relationship with him.

Documents Needed for Indian Work Visa in Dubai

To apply for a job in Dubai, you need documentation like a letter detailing your experience, academic credentials, current or previous wage information, etc.

The same goes for using some documents twice throughout the full Dubai work visa process. When you arrive in Dubai and apply for a Dubai work residency visa, first, and when your employer applies for your Dubai work visa on your behalf, second.

The list of documents you require is provided below:-


§  A valid Indian passport must still be valid six months after your arrival in Dubai.

§  Police clearance certificate with the signatures of MEA and the embassy.

§  Medical certificates given by any UAE-approved medical facility in India have been attested by the MEA and the Dubai embassy.

§  Photographs of you in passport size on white backgrounds.

Documents Required for a Work Visa in Dubai


Ø Authentic Indian Passport

Ø birth registration

Ø driving permit

Ø a marriage licence (if you are married)

Ø Police clearance document with attestation

Ø Attested medical exam certificate

Work visa categories for Dubai

You need a visa to enter Dubai in order to obtain a work permit there. Here are the several Dubai visa categories:-

Ø Immigration visas

Ø Visiting cards

Ø Visitor's visas

Ø Pupil visas

Ø Several-entry visas

Ø Medical treatment visas

Do you intend to apply for a work permit in Dubai? Get a work visa and start the process by looking for a job in Dubai.

Processing Time for Working Visas in Dubai

The length of time it takes to receive your Dubai work visa depends on when your employer applied for it, as well as the verification and acceptance of your supporting documentation. Your company might receive your work visa in two to seven working days if everything goes according to plan.

The company might receive your Dubai work visa in ten to fifteen working days if your paperwork do not comply with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's requirements.

When you upload your Indian work visa for Dubai together with your airline ticket on the airline's website, the carrier will mark it as OK TO BOARD, allowing you to fly to Dubai.

Indians' costs for a work visa in Dubai

The type of work permit you have requested and the category of work residency visa determine the pricing structure for a Dubai visa. A Dubai Work Visa would set you back about INR 4076.


There are three types of Dubai Work Residency Visas:-

·      People with a bachelor's degree are eligible for a category 1 visa. The cost of the visa is INR 6115.

·      You can apply for a category 2 Dubai work visa if you have a post-secondary diploma, which will cost you between INR 12,230 and INR 40769.

·      Category 3 If you hold a high school graduation, you can apply for a Dubai work visa for about INR 1,01,922 (about $11,0922).

Rules & Procedures for Indians Applying for a Work Visa in Dubai

To maintain the three criteria of safety for Dubai residents and visitors, a high standard of life, and wonderful amenities, the government of Dubai has established several laws and guidelines for employers and employees to adhere to. Dubai is a global city and the greatest place to work and advance your career because of these three features.

Ø In Dubai, only those who are over 18 are permitted to work.

Ø Your prospective employer must have a current licence and a spotless criminal background.

Ø Your profession should be compatible with the type of business that hires you.

Ø Until you have a job lined up in Dubai, you cannot enter the country on a work visa. It is unlawful and considered a crime to work in Dubai while on a tourist visa.

Ø Without a valid work visa, working in Dubai may result in legal issues for both you and your company.

Ø The most crucial paperwork for ensuring your long-term stay is a resident visa.

Ø Applying for an extension of the visa's validity duration before the final three months of its three-year limit on residence visas

If you wish to work in Dubai, you must have an entry permit, work visa, job offer letter, resident visa, and labour card.

Dubai Work Permit Benefits

The advantages of having a work permit for Dubai are as follows.

·      In the dirham, your income is tax-free.

·      As long as you are employed, the Dubai government will see you as a resident.

·      Your children, spouse, and parents can all have you as their sponsor.

How long is it possible to remain in Dubai after having your employment visa revoked?

According to Dubai law, you only have thirty days after your work visa has been revoked before you must leave the country, change your visa status, or submit an application for a new resident visa.

After the 30-day grace period, if you are still overdue, you will be fined AED 100 on the first day and AED 25 per day afterwards until you travel home or change the status of your visa.

You can rely on Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd. if you intend to study or work in Dubai and need document attestation services (SEPL).

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