How can you tell if the seal and stamp on your UAE attestation are genuine or fake?

Updated on: 19 Sep 2022

When submitting a document to the UAE for official purposes, it is impossible to avoid skipping the UAE attestation. Documents that are instructional, non-educational, or commercial must go through a laborious verification or authorization process involving several offices and departments. The top certificate firm in Dubai should be trusted with the authentication of the certificate.

How can you ensure that the UAE Certificate attestation you choose is authentic, then? What happens if a certificate is presented that is fake? We will cover everything you need to know about your certificate's attestation in the UAE in this article.

Many operators illegally validate first declarations without being aware of who the approval holder is. Some offices neglect to verify the validity of the prior confirmation before executing their own department's verification of approval. Fake authentications usually go unreported since there is presently no internet office available to check the innovation of verified archives. As a result, even the archive's owner is unable to spot a phoney authentication.

In a couple of these instances, brokers utilised fictitious stamps and seals from the pertinent services. Only when the reports are displayed for verification at the specific international safe locations for handling visas is the theft uncovered.

The UAE attestation is confirmed in what way?

To put it another way, it can be quite difficult to determine if an attestation is genuine or not. You will need an expert's eye and examination to verify the validity of the UAE attestation service you select. The fraudsters would employ custom-made seals and signature prints while assuming the role of officials. After a careful investigation and when the authorities point out their error, the aspirant frequently realises their error.

Before submitting the attestation to the appropriate authority, you can also double-check it. However, it can be challenging considering the number of offices involved. If you don't take the same route as the certificate attestation, you might not be able to verify its legitimacy.

Find the UAE's top officials who oversee certificate attestation. Verify their distinctive writing style, the date of attestation, and any peculiarities they may have. Compare the document's seal to the actual seal (if you can get it). Whether the signature seems to be forged or not.

In the UAE, false attestations are punished.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that it is illegal to submit a duplicate or fraudulent certified certificate. You could experience severe repercussions if the authorities find out that the certificate you provided was falsified. You are the major reason for the process, even though an attestation agency conducted it on your behalf.

A lifetime ban may follow the use of fake papers, such as HRD records and diplomas. Yes, law enforcement has the power to detain you or prevent you from requesting a residence visa, higher education, or work. In addition, a hefty fine and possible jail time will be assessed. It is crucial to keep in mind that choosing a UAE attestation provider without first completing a comprehensive background check is dangerous.

The Originals' reverse is attested. We shall remove the originals from the lamination if it has been done before we finish the attestation. However, it is possible that a delicate document could be harmed. We suggest having new ones issued in these circumstances.

How to Prevent Using Fake Attested Documents in the UAE

·      To handle the legalities, determine if the attestation agency in the UAE has offices in the nation where the certificate was issued.

·      Check the trustworthiness of the company's courier partner.

·      Verify the legitimacy of the UAE attestation service you choose.

·      Make sure the company has a clean record before giving them the task.

·      Ask coworkers, colleagues, or family members for recommendations on attestation businesses in Dubai.

·      To understand more about the team's qualifications, experience, and skills, please get in touch with them.

·      Read the client's personal stories if they are posted online.

The above-mentioned criteria might help you determine whether the attestation service you choose is reliable. However, you should be aware that authenticating the agency is not a foolproof procedure. Make sure you are informed at every level of the procedure and that you are fully aware of the service provider and their qualifications.

Documents that must be attested in the United Arab Emirates

·      Degree certificates, diplomas, transcripts of records, and other educational certifications are all attested.

·      individual documents that serve as proof of certain occurrences, like marriage, birth, death, singleness, experience, and police records.

·      Attestations include business licences, invoices, salary certificates, and other commercial documents.

How to determine whether or not the MOFA attestation is true.

By proving the validity of the certificate or document, certificate attestation helps with identity verification. Having your certificates certified gives you total control over certificate holding because false documents are becoming more and more prevalent everywhere. Use a MOFA Attestation Service to Benefit from These Features.

Before departing for the UAE or while there, you must ensure that all of your documents have been attested. For UAE attestation, you must provide the original document plus a copy of your passport. We are recognised leaders in the document clearing industry, a trustworthy company, and have a workforce that is both highly skilled and experienced. To ensure that no documents disappear—not even accidentally—during the attestation process, our company follows a set of protocols. Throughout the whole attestation procedure, from document collection to delivery, each document is given great consideration.

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