How to Get a Job in Kuwait From India – Complete Guide

Updated on: 08 Sep 2022

The Kuwaiti dinar is the world's most valuable currency. Kuwait is one of the gulf nations that provides perks to foreign workers, such as housing subsidies or the choice of a home or rent, a credit at cheap rates for cars, medical help, etc.

In Kuwait, there are many Indians employed in the fields of tourism, banking, transportation, technology, hospitals, engineers, national oil firms, and science.

Indians Work in Kuwait: Why?

Kuwait has the following advantages and facilities, making it a desirable job market.

1.    Lowest rates of unemployment

2.    Not a single personal income tax.

3.    In Kuwait, people are employed Monday through Friday.

4.    One of the richest countries in the world is Kuwait.

If you are an Indian and have a job lined up in Kuwait or are hoping to do so, you will need a Kuwait work visa or permit in order to start working there. Additionally, in order to relocate to Kuwait in search of employment, you must attest a number of your documents, such a degree, diploma, letter of departure, certificate of police clearance, etc.

This blog is a comprehensive guide on how to move to Kuwait from India or how to get work there.

How Can an Indian Get a Job in Kuwait?

Inquiries regarding job openings in Kuwait can be made on a number of employment portals, including Glassdoor, Naukri, GulfTalent, Linkedin, Edarabia, Indeed, and Bayt. You can use these platforms to acquire the best job in Kuwait.

Once you've been offered a job in Kuwait through any job portal, you must move to Kuwait with an Iqama, or resident visa, and an active work permit.

Work visa procedures in Kuwait

Your employer will submit an application for your work visa or permit to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor once you have accepted a job offer from Kuwait. A copy of your passport will be provided by your employer to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Additionally, the employer will get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Interior Ministry's General Administration of Criminal Investigation.

One of the essential documents used for employment, trade, legal proceedings, immigration, etc. is the NOC.

Let's now examine the items you require to relocate to Kuwait.

What am I going to need in Kuwait?

You must submit an application for your medical exams in India after receiving a work visa or permission and a NOC from your employer. It is crucial to provide evidence to the government of your destination nation that you are well and free from any acute or chronic illnesses.

Keep in mind that the Kuwait Consulate should acknowledge the facility where you are having your medical test performed.

A PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from the RPO (Regional Passport Office), which attests that you have no prior criminal history in your home country, is also required in addition to a physical examination.

Documents Required for India Stamping of Kuwait Visa

The following papers are required in order to receive an India stamp on your Kuwait work visa.

1.    Employee one-way air ticket

2.    Employee Medical Report

3.    Employee Passport with ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required)

4.    Original Visa of the employee.

5.    Employer and employee signed original work agreement

6.    Photograph of the employee.

7.    PCC of the employee.

8.    Employee driving license attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of its native country.

Requirement of Documents Attestation for Kuwait Work

Documentation Requirement Attestation for Kuwaiti Work Attestation is the process of verifying a person's paperwork before they move from their home country to another. For those travelling to Kuwait for higher education or work, embassy attestation is required.

Various documents can be testified depending on why you're moving to Kuwait. In general, people who relocate abroad for employment or education submit for educational document authentication from the Kuwait embassy in India as well as the State Home Department and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India.

The embassy and government authorities in Kuwait follow a specific process for document attestation. Superb Enterprise Pvt.Ltd (SEPL) has been authorised by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) to help you with document attestation services in India for Kuwait.

The SEPL company has a reputation for offering secure and reasonably priced Kuwait embassy attestation services. Our knowledgeable team gathers your documents for attestation and carefully examines them.

Following attestation verification, we send your documents to the State Home Department for the appropriate document type, then to the MEA for attestation. In the end, we sent your documents to the Kuwait embassy for final attestation.

We transmit your documents to you in accordance with your preferences once they have been attested by the Kuwait embassy and the Indian government agencies.

To demonstrate that the documents you will use in a foreign country are original and authentic, document attestation is also essential. When someone relocates from their home country to a foreign one, he or she makes a statement about the reason for their transfer to foreign diplomats and the immigration office, who then grant them permission for him or her to enter their nation.

You must apply for the attestation of your educational documents, such as a degree, diploma, mark sheets, etc., in order to obtain employment in Kuwait from India.

However, in order to verify the integrity of the document, your police clearance certificate attestation is also required.

If you've been offered your ideal job in Kuwait and are getting ready to relocate there, congratulations. You can get document attestation services from the Kuwaiti embassy in India by contacting MEA's Superb Enterprise, a competent outsourcing firm.

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