How to Launch a Business in the UAE with No Experience or Idea and Obtain a Work Permit or Resident Visa

Updated on: 15 Sep 2022

You can obtain a work permit or residency visa in the UAE without having any experience or original ideas, but if you want to work in Dubai continuously or for an extended period of time, you will need a work visa. To receive this licence, also referred to as a labour card, there are a number of conditions to fulfil. The process is finished before and after departure for the UAE. You must abide by all rules both before and after in order to acquire the labour card.

You can either get a company permit or a freelancing permit to launch your own business.

There are a number, but the most fundamental is that with a trade licence, you can hire more employees as you grow and succeed, whereas with freelance permission, you are the only person who practises your trade. Contact PRO service to obtain a business licence if you wish to minimise costs and maintain your small size. The decision to work part-time is a totally different decision. Later, an authorization to work as a freelancer could become a trade licence.

The measures you must take to get work permits and a resident visa in the UAE must be approved by the Ministry of Labor.


The first step in getting your work permit is getting the Ministry of Labor's permission. For the process to start, the employer must submit this application on the employee's behalf. If you are requesting a work permit in a free zone, the procedure can be finished swiftly. They also check to see if a UAE resident is unemployed and qualified for the position you're applying for. If not, permission will be granted to you. It will take around three days to get permission.

Job Confirmation

The employee must sign the employment offer before you can move on. Then, the employer will receive it. It is required that the contract be drafted in both Arabic and English. In the event that it differs in any manner from these two, it should also be in the employer's native language. It will take about two days to complete.

Allowance to Work

The work permit must be approved before the entrance visa can be issued. The sponsor must also be an officially registered corporate entity in the UAE. The duration of this process will be close to 3 to 5 days.

Admission Permit Visa

After obtaining your work permit, you will be awarded a visa for an entry permit. This is also known as a pink visa. Applicants can enter the UAE swiftly thanks to it. You are permitted to remain there for a total of 30 days based on this permit, and it may be extended for an additional 30 days up until your work permit is approved. It will take about three days to complete this process.

Entry Permit Updated

If you have an entry permit visa, you can enter the UAE; however, if you already have a visa and want to stay for two months, you must either change your status or get a new entry permit. You have 60 days to complete this.

Center for Emirates ID Services

After that, the worker must go to the Emirates ID service facility with an original, current passport and entry authorization to finish the procedure. It is a way for your ID to be validated there. Your biometric information needs to be confirmed, which will take close to a day to finish.

Inspection of the body

Before providing work permits to the employees, the UAE government requires that all foreigners undergo medical examinations to rule out any potential medical conditions.

If you suffer from a serious sickness, you won't be allowed to apply for a work visa there. The whole process will take a day to complete.

Medical outcome

The results of the medical examination must be obtained and included with your application. This will demonstrate that you don't have any serious ailments. It will also take close to a day to complete the process.

Worker's Agreement

With the work permit application, the employee must include the labour contract that has been signed as a certified attestation. The employee will also get a new deadline, which must be met within 14 days, to submit a request for contract renewal to the UAE Ministry of Labor. The employment contract may also be uploaded by the employee on the Ministry of Labor's websites. This procedure will take 14 days to complete.


The UAE government will start processing your payroll once they get the permit card, which also serves as a receipt. This procedure takes roughly 5 days to complete. The card needs to be kept safely and kept on you at all times.

Medical Insurance

Everyone in the UAE is required to have health insurance, thus getting a medical insurance card should also be a must. Without a medical insurance card, it is impossible to obtain a work visa in the UAE. It would take close to five days for the insurance card to be issued.

DNRD stamping from

You must contact the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai to have your passport stamped once you have all the required documentation, such as the results of your medical examination, your medical insurance card, and your work permit. Then, you will receive your residency permit.

A group of IDs

The final step is to obtain the Emirates ID, which is necessary for daily verification in the UAE. You are not need to have your passport with you at all times. This procedure takes around ten days from the time your residence visa is received and stamped in your passport.

You don't need to be concerned anymore. You're ready to put in a lot of time working in the UAE. Connect attestation agencies can help you swiftly get your consent if you need them.

Making contact with business setup and professional services (PRO) companies in the UAE will help you find a solution for beginning a business and getting staff visa quotas.

Making contact with business setup and professional services (PRO) companies in the UAE will help you find a solution for beginning a business and getting staff visa quotas. Business setup businesses in the UAE provide distinctive business solutions because they frequently possess a higher level of expertise than a company's personnel. A business consultant frequently works for a bigger business consulting organisation that aids investors in starting their own firms. Entrepreneurs might want to consider the benefits of the amount of expertise consultants provide as part of the long-term strategic plan they provide. It is not possible to mention expert and effective PRO services when applying for work visas in the UAE. The principal point of contact for your business with the public is the PRO (Public Relations Officer) the various government organisations you'll have to deal with on things like licence issuance and visa management as well as permits, notarization, and other legal requirements.

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