Is it possible for a housewife on her father's or husband's visa to work for a company?

Updated on: 21 Sep 2022

Undoubtedly, a housewife on a husband or souse visa can work in the UAE for a firm. You can sponsor a member of your family for a temporary or permanent visa to the UAE via a family-sponsored visa. Depending on the permitted visa category, a sponsor is required to hold certain beliefs regarding their obligations to you and your family member. To avoid becoming a burden on the UAE community, all sponsors must make sure that their family member is supported during their initial relocation to the country. A temporary sponsored family visa's sponsor is responsible for ensuring that the family member will adhere to the terms of the visa and depart the UAE at the conclusion of their stay.

What does a husband or wife visa entail in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

The right to reside is typically granted through a spouse visa, although it frequently has a long list of prerequisites that must be satisfied in advance. Keep in mind that being married does not guarantee you a spouse visa or a visa to sponsor your husband.

Before awarding a spouse visa, several nations first consider if the connection is sincere or just a quick ruse to let someone in. You might need to show evidence that you are a "real" relationship, such as by attending interviews, before the spouse visa is granted.

There are a few extra measures you can take to improve your chances of having your spouse's visa application granted, even if the country you want to live in will give you with a list of necessary paperwork. This includes offering additional proof of your relationship, such as an attestation of your marriage certificate, to establish your relationship legally. spouse must be older than 18 years. Attestation of a birth certificate will be helpful to establish age.

Benefits of Having a Spouse Visa

The biggest advantage is that if you have a spouse visa or a sponsored Dubai residency visa, you are able to live in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to residing in the UAE, you also have the option of working there. When you apply for a job, it will be advised that you certify your academic transcripts to demonstrate your educational credentials.

While you are still in possession of a spouse visa, your employer merely needs to submit an application to the Ministry of Labour to obtain your work authorization. If you're a part of the MOL group, that is. Although the majority of free zone organisations demand it, there is no standard for this.

Who qualifies for a family sponsor visa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

A husband and wife can both sponsor the other for a work permit, according to the Ministry's website. If a female above the age of 18 is employed lawfully with her father's sponsorship, a work permit may be requested.

A homemaker needs the following paperwork in order to work:

·      A spouse-signed No Objection Certificate (NOC)

·      Work agreement copies of the business's immigration and labour establishment cards copies of the business's business licence

·      Work agreement copies of the business's immigration and labour establishment cards copies of the business's business licence

·      A copy of the employee's passport, visa, EID, and those of their sponsor or spouse are also required.

·      Attest personal documents such as marriage licences, diplomas, and birth certificates

·      Valid academic credentials (dependent on job title)

·      White backdrop for a picture

Additionally, applicants who have held employment in the past will need to provide the following information: a copy of the cancellation of a labour card

Is it permitted to work for any company in the UAE if you have a husband or spouse visa?

A wife who is sponsored by her husband is permitted to work in the UAE even if her visa specifies that she is "housewife not permitted to work" as long as her husband, who is also her sponsor, delivers a letter of no objection to the employer. The employer must apply for a work permit, often known as a labour card, even though a visa is not necessary.

Employers must submit a legitimate application for a work permit in conformity with the law; physical cards are no longer given. In order to do this, you must submit an application to a Tasheel centre along with copies of your visas, identification documents, the NOC, and the necessary fee, which varies based on the category of your business.

An employment agreement should be signed by both parties. Without a work permit, someone will be working illegally, and both parties could face fines. Because her employment is only recorded online, it should be verified with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or her neighbourhood Tasheel office.

How to Apply for a Worker's Card or Labor Card in the United Arab Emirates:

·      Obtain the employment contract of a worker (Ministry of Labour – Tasheel)

·      The job offer letter requires the employee's signature and a business stamp.

·      A copy of the employment offer letter that has been signed and stamped has been delivered to Tasheel.

·      Initial work permit application approval takes two to five working days.

·      covering labour expenses

·      Create a labour contract application (Ministry of Labour – Tasheel)

·      The employee has been given a copy of the application for a labour contract, and they are required to sign it and apply the company stamp.

·      Tasheel receives an application for a labour contract that has been signed and stamped and is used to create the original contract.


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