Method of Changing Child's Visa Sponsorship from Father to Mother in the UAE

Updated on: 04 Aug 2022

In the UAE, a few conditions require changing the sponsorship of a kid's visa from father to mother.

Frequently it is fundamental because of family crises, for example, the requirement for the dad to leave the country or the demise or nonattendance of the principal support.

In the United Arab Emirates, the migration office expects that the youngster's support be the dad in all cases. In the event that the spouse (Father) loses his employment and his visa is repudiated, the wife (mother) will be expected to support the visa assuming the mother works in the country.

The interaction for moving a youngster's visa from a dad's sponsorship to a mother's sponsorship is direct:

  1. The spouse's (father's) current business visa should be ended, and he should leave the country. In such conditions, the youngster's visa should be dropped ahead of time. Likewise, remember that the Emirates ID will be denied.
  2. Move toward an endorsed composing place with the entirety of the applicable documentation. Illuminate them assuming that the youngster is in or out of the country.
  3. Visit the migration office and present your application after the composing for the new Entry license is finished.
  4. Assuming the kid is as of now in the UAE when you get the Entry Permit, you should have the status changed by getting back to the composing community and composing the structure once more.
  5. You should get a dropped Emirates ID structure and have the Emirates ID composed
  6. From that point onward, go to the migration office to get the visa stepped.
  7. Clinical assessments are excessive for minors younger than eighteen.


The accompanying records are required:

      • Interpretation ServiceForm for dropping a visa.
      • Kid's and Sponsor's Original Passports
      • Duplicates of the kid's and support's international IDs
      • One identification estimated picture of the kid
      • One duplicate of the first confirmed marriage declaration (Arabic).
      • Arabic birth declaration or deciphered birth testament with confirmation and a duplicate
      • For the sake of the Sponsor, Ejari (Rental Contract)
      • Structure for getting an Emirates ID. This ought to be composed at one of the approved focuses.
      • You really want a confirmed work agreement of a support. You can verify the work contract for AED 160/ - at the Ministry of Labor.



      • Under the Ministry of Labor's business contract, the mother should have some work with a compensation of Dh 3500 and convenience given by the organization - a sum of Dh 4000.

      • The marriage declaration should be ensured by both the UAE consulate in the nation of origin and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as a kid's introduction to the world testament.
      • Lease understanding (rent arrangement) should be affirmed through Ejari (RERA).

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