Obtaining an Attested Police Clearance Certificate or a UAE Good Conduct Certificate

Updated on: 02 Dec 2022

For foreign nationals wishing to work and settle in the UAE, the visa system underwent a significant shift in February of this year. As a result, new expat employees must now demonstrate that they don't have a criminal record in either their home country (country of origin) or the nation in which they most recently resided. The way to achieve this is by obtaining a Good Conduct and Behavior Certificate (GCB) or Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Before being approved, every application for a UAE work visa must submit this certificate in certified form.

The primary objective of the PCC requirement is to protect national security by establishing a safer society and keeping out unwanted elements. According to the new visa regulations, everyone applying for a work visa in the nation must receive a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and have it attested for the UAE depending on the country they have lived in for the previous five years. The UAE Embassy should be consulted during the procedure. Only visitors and sponsored family members are currently exempt from this restriction.

What is a Good Conduct or Police Clearance Certificate?

In essence, a police clearance certificate is a copy of a person's specific criminal history record data. Additionally, it serves as a certification that they have never received a criminal conviction or fine. The aforementioned criterion is applicable to both residents and expats, therefore UAE nationals must also obtain this certificate. Police clearance certificates come in a variety of formats and names depending on the country; they are also referred to as good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, and other names.

The issuing party is either a police department or a government agency in that nation, and it is the only thing they have in common. These are used by the Citizenship and Immigration department of the destination nation to screen out and bar entry of those who pose security hazards. Many nations, including Belgium, Canada, and Australia, have attested PCC requirements as part of their visa processes.

How Does Attestation for a Certificate of Good Conduct Work?

When a PCC is attested, authorised departments, authorities, persons, or persons witness the correct certificate and affix their official stamp and signature. The seal and signature serve as legal evidence that the same certificate was actually issued by the named department.

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