Top 9 Advice on How to Land a High-Paying Job in Dubai

Updated on: 12 Sep 2022

If you know what you're searching for and apply in accordance with your job description with the proper employment portal, finding a job in Dubai is as simple as shelling peas.

A top-notch organisation would be happy to hire the applicant if they applied for a job in Dubai with the requisite experience and expertise.

Nearly 90% of Dubai's workforce is made up of immigrants. The nation boasts the world's healthiest economic system. Do you realise that 7.8 million of Dubai's 9.2 million residents are immigrants?

Additionally, 30% of all employees in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) are foreigners from India.

So why do so many Indians and people from other nations relocate to Dubai for employment? The solution is provided in this blog.

Here, we've put together a comprehensive guide that will tell you where to apply for jobs in Dubai, what it's like to work there, how to get hired there, how to get ready for it, and which jobs are in demand there.

How Can I Find Work in Dubai?

In order to find employment in Dubai, two situations must be improved. The first is when you explore for employment opportunities in Dubai from your own nation and are looking for methods to enter Dubai from India.

On the other side, you are in Dubai on a visiting visa and are employing the knowledge and strategies provided by the employment specialists to locate employment there.

Here are the most popular methods that helped numerous people get employment in Dubai while they were still in their home country and travelling about the city on a tourist visa.

1. Creating an account on the UAE Federal Government Job Portal, iRecruitment, to apply for positions in the public sector that match your qualifications in terms of education and work experience

2. By registering for free on public and private job portals, you can search for employment.

Job boards for the government:


§  Job board for the federal government

§  Government job portal for Abu Dhabi

§  Emirates Careers

§  Jobs with the Ajmani government - Kawader

§  Jobs RAK

§  Government positions in Fujairah

Dedicated Job Boards:


§  Bayt

§  NaukriGulf

§  MonsterGulf

§  Gulf News Jobs

§  Laimoon

3. Arrive in Dubai with a visa valid for 90 days and start looking for work. The ideal places to network, contact with recruiters and employers, and learn about the functions of various businesses are online job fairs.

The most well-known job fairs in the UAE are listed below.

§  eFair

§  Careers UAE

§  National Career Exhibition

4. Look for a job in Dubai through authorised employment firms. The Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratization is where you may find the companies that are authorised.

5. You can submit an application directly to the company you want to work for or through the website's careers area. Aside from that, all of the websites that list job openings are maintained by federal, local, and business directories of the UAE government.

6. Create a professional profile on social networking sites such as Linkedin, Instagram, etc., and publish content outlining your qualifications such as your degree and work history. To find a job in Dubai or even to attract company, social media serves as a portfolio for top recruiters and employers.

Nine Ways to Get Ready for a Job in Dubai


§  Send recruiters an updated copy of your resume that includes thorough information about your training and prior employment.

§  To land a job in Dubai, pay close attention to the information that your employer or recruiter provides.

§  Even if you get rejected from several interviews, keep trying to be diligent. Keep searching for a job and try to interact with expats working in Dubai. The top recruitment services can assist you in learning about the needs of Dubai-based businesses.

§  Pay attention to small details and take precautions against fraud. Verify the email address you received your job offer or confirmation from, and be sure to mention the name of the business that hired you.

§  Learn a few commonly used Arabic phrases so you can converse with locals and add a skill to your resume.

§  Obtain information about the most recent changes made to your sector. To provide a positive return on investment and client-focused services for your business, it is essential to be informed about the trends currently being followed in your industry. The two key goals that all businesses strive for are return on investment and consumer convenience services.

§  Prepare your academic records with the necessary attestations so you may quickly and easily join your company in Dubai.

§  Before moving from your nation to Dubai, stay informed about the area's laws, social structure, and cultural practises.

§  Your employer will provide you with a work visa, but as soon as you arrive in Dubai, you must apply for a resident visa and a work permit. Prepare supporting documentation for that, such as birth certificates, medical certificates, attested Police Clearance Certificates (PCC), etc.


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