What is ICA Approval in UAE and How to get it?

Updated on: 10 Aug 2022

ICA endorsement is a significant type of certificate that is expected to enter in UAE. It is otherwise called the UAE passage and leave declaration that is the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). It is a movement record that is required by ex-taps who have dwelled in UAE and UAE occupants for different reasons. Prior it was expected for all UAE occupants, presently voyagers holding UAE home visas need endorsement from the ICA to reappear the country.

With new guidelines, UAE inhabitants don't need ICA endorsement to get back to the country from an unfamiliar visit, while an ex-pat requirements ICA endorsement from MOFA UAE alongside a substantial UAE public personality card (Emirates ID) to get back to the country. ICA report is a significant record that is required when:

·      You are applying for an equivalency declaration in UAE on the Ministry of Education entryway

·      You are wanting to move to an outside country

·      You are expected to present a duty residency declaration or assessment home endorsement in your starting point country as an ex-pat in UAE. ICA report is an obligatory record to get a duty residency testament from the Ministry of Finance in UAE.

A UAE section and leave endorsement specifies the record of movement history to and from the UAE. Each time somebody visits an outside country, he/she gets a visa stamp on their identification. This record is considered as the movement history of an individual referenced in the ICA report endorsed by FAIC.


An ICA report contains:

Ø Appearance and flight objections

Ø Identification number

Ø Exchange type (section or exit)

Ø Exchange date (date of movement)

Ø Port name and port sort (Airport/Seaport)

You can apply for a UAE section and leave endorsement as:

§  Single Entry/Exit Travel Report referencing the most travel status

§  Itemized Entry/Exit Travel Report with full travel history inside and outside the UAE.

You can likewise really like to get a tweaked report for your movement history according to your development report inside and outside the UAE. You can get your ICA report from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs) after endorsement from FAIC. To apply for your UAE passage leave report, you should present your visa duplicate and Emirates ID duplicate with your application. Getting an ICA report in UAE can cost around AED 200-300.

How to get ICA endorsement in UAE?

You can apply for a UAE passage and leave report on the ICA site all alone, yet without legitimate information and comprehension of the cycle, you might get a red sign from the power. It's smarter to talk with an expert office for help during the cycle to get a green sign for endorsement to enter in UAE effectively and rapidly. Contact GloboPrime for additional insights about the ICA report and the situation with your application in UAE.

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