What is the Digital Nomad Visa? Every Detail You Should Know

Updated on: 10 Dec 2022

A tribesman who travels to several locations is referred to as a nomad. Historically, nomads travelled with their animals because they were their main means of income.

A digital nomad is someone who works while travelling in the current digital age. Digital nomads operate remotely from locations other than their country of permanent residency using technology like smartphones, laptops, and the internet.

The Covid 19 epidemic has altered the way we work and live today. People now believe they can work remotely if their job involves using digital platforms or they provide a service that can be delivered via these channels.

Digital nomads can work in a variety of fields and jobs, including accounting, marketing, design, video editing, healthcare, IT, project management, data analysis, sales, software development, writing, and transcription.

Visas for digital nomads have been introduced by many nations, particularly those who were reliant on travel and tourism.

Visas for digital nomads are available in 24 countries for those who want to travel the world while earning a living.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa?

An individual needs a visa to enter a foreign nation for several reasons, including travel, employment, study, and business. An individual gets granted a digital nomad visa in order to work as a full- or part-time employee while visiting another nation.

Using a digital nomad visa as a worker or student has different prices and criteria depending on the destination nation.

Most popular nations that provide visas to digital nomads

1.   Anguilla

Spend a total of USD 2,000 (per person) on travel, remain for a whole year, and work remotely from Anguilla.

You can bring along up to four family members for a fee of USD 3,000. You must also pay an additional USD 250 for each additional member of your household.

Visa requirements for digital nomads in Anguilla

·      A request form

·      Evidence of employment

·      Current passport

·      Entry permit (If Required)

·      Health protection

·      Police Clearance Certificate with Attestation

·      Proof of your connection to your dependents

·      Birth certificate with legalisation

·      A photocopied passport bio page

·      Evidence of pupils' enrolment in school

·      A succinct explanation of your work

·      Airline tickets in advance to and from Anguilla

2.   Antigua and Barbuda 

Both islands provide two-year visas for digital nomads for a fee of USD 1,500 per person.

Both islands charge USD 2,000 and USD 3,000 for couples and families of three.

Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

·      Bio page of a passport, colourful scan copy

·      Passport photographs two

·      Entry permit (If Required)

·      Medical protection

·      Police Clearance Certificate with Attestation

·      Evidence of one's connection to dependents

·      Evidence of income

·      Evidence of employment payment

3.   The Bahamas 

A digital nomad can live and work for a year on any of the 16 Bahamas islands.

How much does a Bahamas digital nomad visa cost?

·      Application fee of $25

·      $500 for the applicant's dependant, $1000 for a remote-working dependent, and $1000 for the applicant

·      For a student applicant, $500

Bahamas Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

·      Passport Evidence of employment or self-employment Insurance coverage

·      A student ID (Applicable for students to study remotely)

·      Entry permit (If Required)

·      A letter from your employer demonstrating your earnings

·      Police Clearance Certificate with Attestation

4.   Barbados

For about USD 2,000, you may live and work remotely in Barbados for up to a year.

Pay USD 3,000 for families if you want to bring your family along.

Barbados Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

·      Filled-out application form

·      Current passport

·      A passport-size photo that is 2 by 2 inches (51 by 51 mm).

·      Birth certificate with legalisation

·      Police Clearance Certificate with Attestation

·      Entry permit (If Required)

·      Proof of your connection to your dependents

·      Proof of annual income

·      Proof of health insurance

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